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Nokia Steel HR: New Feature Rich Heart Rate Monitor and Fitness Tracker

Nokia Steel HR

With our lifestyle taking a toll on health, we need to keep a close watch on few of our body measurements and take proactive measures to make them better over time. Heart rate is a crucial aspect of well being and proper heart rate is often considered as the unmistakable sign of good health.

Keeping this importance of heart rate monitoring in mind, there has been a huge upsurge in heart rate monitor devices and apps for some years. While there have been plenty of such devices, the new Nokia Steel HR stands out in its own right as the truly wearable heart rate monitor. Once again the technical brilliance of Nokia as the smart device manufacturer delivered an awesome device.

What Is Nokia Steel HR All About?

Nokia Steel HR allows you keeping a close watch of your heart rate just by glancing at your wrist during workout sessions or everyday activities. Besides keeping a watch on your heart rate you can view the heart rate readings through a connected app and the report produced with readings of several days can deliver useful insights to make your heart rate better with proactive steps.

Impressive Design

Nokia Steel HR design is not absolutely unique as seemingly it looks a lot similar to the Activité Steel but the design still seems brilliant for a wearable heart rate monitor. The device has two different sizes respectively a 36mm and 40mm versions. While the smaller version comes in both black and white case, the later is available only in black.

The monitor comes packed within a stainless steel case which looks really stunning and clean. The wearable monitor comes with two sub-dials, a digital circle at the top and an analog circle below it. Besides accommodating the smart features both the dials together give the device an elegant and all-weather wearable look and feel.

The watch is itself very light on the wrist and the silicone strap is comfortable enough for wearing during long workout sessions. The screen displays information in monochrome which can be perceived as outdated but it proves actually effective for quickly looking at the information presented on the small screen.

A Bit Pricey Though

The new heart rate monitor from Nokia apart from its impressive built and feature set looks a little less competitive in respect of the price tag. While the smaller version costs $179.95, the larger one is having a price tag of $199.95.

Exceptionally Feature Rich

When you consider Steel HR coupled up with its connected app, you are bound to recognize its competitive lead ahead of many such trackers. It is feature packed and very precision driven as a heart monitor. Moreover, it is equally good for basic use cases to track calorie burning for fitness freaks. It continues to track the heart rate all through the day as long as you wear the device.

For runners, it can also work as a feature paced fitness trainer by furnishing information such as distance traveled, speed, count of strides, burnt calories, etc. The smart fusion of analog and digital dials on top of one another allows the wearer accessing several layers of information by scrolling. Finally, in case you need to look at the time, it also works as a regular digital watch.

The Steel HR is fully equipped not only for runners but also for all types of sports and workouts including basketball and tennis. While starting with a new session all that you need is to long press the button of the device. The device is waterproof but while swimming in the water you will not get the heart rate data. While sleeping it automatically tracks heart rate during sleep.

App And Charging Pad

Nokia is working on several health gadgets and its much-talked-about health map for quite some time. This tremendous effort worked well to make Steel HR practically flawless with an accompanying app that works in sync with the Nokia’s expertise driven fitness metrics.

The impressive app apart, what deserves a mention is it’s easy to use magnetic charging pad. Only negative aspect is that the dock is flat and sometimes you need to struggle a little to keep the wearable device in place.

Final Verdict

Given the years of experience and solid expertise put behind this health tracking wearable, it instantly threw competitive challenge to many fitness and health trackers in the market. If you are looking for a feature-rich heart monitor and fitness tracker packed in a smart wearable, Nokia Steel HR cones as a strong contender.