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Nod Gesture Control Ring – Control the World around you with your Finger


Nod Gesture Control Ring

Smart wearables are slowly capturing the technology market. Smart watches, fitness trackers and smart glasses are gaining immense popularity, allowing users to control a variety of devices with the simple touch of a button. To differentiate itself from the cluttered smart wearables market, a new smart device, the Nod Gesture Control Ring, has been launched which allow users to perform functions through simple finger gestures.

Introducing Nod Gesture Control Ring

In 2014, Nod Labs launched a smart, gesture controlled device called the Nod Gesture Control Ring which acts as an input device and can be used to control a range of smart devices and consumer electronics. Packed with sensors, Nod Gesture Control Ring uses Bluetooth technology to connect to devices. By using simple hand and finger gestures, users can carry out a variety of day-to-day tasks with it.

About Nod Labs

Nod Labs, an innovative technology company based in Mountain View California, is well known for creating technology products that can be controlled through gestures. Nod Labs boasts of talent from several Fortune 500 companies like Apple and Google and aims to create a beautiful way for people to touchlessly and gesturally communicate with the world around them. While Nod Gesture Control Ring was launched in 2014, in 2015 Nod Labs introduced the Nod Backspin, a gaming ring that can be used to control VR headsets.

For the Nod Backspin, Nod Labs received a funding of $13.5 million in June 2015 from various investors.


  • By simply slipping the Nod Gesture Control Ring on the index finger, users can perform a variety of tasks by simple gestures like waving their hand and swiping their thumb over its touch control surface
  • When connected to an Android or iOS device, Nod Gesture Control Ring can be used to perform various smartphone tasks
  • Nod Gesture Control Ring can also  be used to control smart TVs; users can surf channels and search for shows through simple finger gestures
  • It can also be used to advance slides on a PowerPoint presentation and jump through pages on a PDF
  • The numerous inbuilt apps allow users to control the Nest thermostat and adjust brightness levels of smart bulbs from Tabu and Philips
  • Nod Gesture Control Ring is also compatible with GoPro cameras making hiking and cycling a gratifying experience
  • Nod Gesture Control Ring is available in 12 different band sizes, sure to perfectly fit on every user’s finger
  • Since it is waterproof, users can wear Nod Gesture Control Ring even while swimming, diving or surfing
  • Nod Gesture Control Ring incorporates a 2-factor authentication that helps avoid misuse and ensures elevated security
  • Nod Gesture Control Ring contains an accelerometer, a compass, a temperature sensor and a gyroscope
  • It responds to capacitive touch and has a battery life of 24 hours


The Nod Gesture Control Ring is available at an MRP of $149 and can be bought from the company’s official website and from leading ecommerce stores. While the Nod Backspin is also available for $149, it is currently out of stock on the company’s website.

Our Verdict

With smartwatches and smart glasses inundating the market, a smart wearable that can be worn on the finger is truly unique. Nod Gesture Control Ring gives users the freedom to use the airspace in front of them as a massive touch surface to control devices around them. A smartphone, a TV, laptop or a consumer electronic, Nod Gesture Control Ring enables users to carry out a gamut of tasks through simple gestures of the finger.