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Nico360 – The World’s Smallest 360-Degree Camera is Here!


Virtual reality is the next big thing in technology but the biggest hurdle is the lack of devices to shoot VR videos. Hong Kong-based startup is looking to fund the production of Nico360, a waterproof 360-degree camera. It is the smallest 360-degree camera which packs in great specifications and can be touted as the best with respect to GoPro cameras.

Nico360 camera will include two 16MP Sony sensors capable of excellent 25MP still images and high-resolution video. It will also produce content for stereoscopic VR headsets and has the ability to live stream 360-degree videos online. With its surprisingly powerful features, Nico360 can even put other 360-degree cameras to shame.

Small & Stunning Design

Nico360 camera measures in at 46mm x 46mm x 28mm and despite its small size, It is perfect for outdoor use. The body of this camera is waterproof and fits into a case with a standard GoPro-style accessory mount when using it in or around water. The device is embedded with the anti-slip grip pattern that holds the camera in any conditions. The rotation and G-force data logging for tracking are the other options that are been provided to give it an adventurous ride.

Nico360 looks like a square and comes with a 1400mAh battery, which can record 2560 x 1440 resolution videos at 30 frames per second. This camera even has 32GB inbuilt storage for saving footage. There are four options of video recording – Flat Mode, Sphere Mode, Planet Mode, and VR Mode. It also features an integrated stereo microphone and stabilization options that guarantee better results.

How does it Works?

Nico360 video footage works through the companion mobile app for devices that support iOS and Android versions. Both the apps feature advanced editing controls.

Specifications of Nico360

  • Nico360 is installed with a 16MP aspherical lens that translates to a resolution of 32 megapixels.
  • A single button on the site of the camera controls all functions.
  • As this camera is waterproof, it can be readily used during water sports and adventure rides.
  • One can live stream 360-degree videos without connecting to a PC, wirelessly.
  • The camera supports both 5G WiFi and 4.0 Bluetooth standards.
  • With a weight of 109 grams, this camera offers 1440P WQHD video recording.
  • The camera offers electronic image stabilization to reduce shaking effects.
  • Nico360 camera also has a glass lens and an integrated mic on the front.
  • It has integrated rotation and G-force data recording ability.
  • Nice360 is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS devices.
  • Time lapses can be captured with 2-60 second intervals.
  • It can record stereo AAC audio at 48KHz, 128Kbit/s with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) option.

Price & Availability

For a limited period, Nico360 cameras are being offered at a discounted price of $99. It includes a VR/3D headset, a battery selfie sticks for $39 and a full accessories pack for $89. Most probably, this Nico360 camera is expected to begin shipping in August this year at a price of $149.

Our Verdict

Nico360 is small but equally powerful and is currently listed on the fund-raising website Indiegogo for early backers. As per estimates, the eventual retail price is set at 199 dollars, which is way cheaper than Samsung Gear 360 or Ricoh Theta S. One can easily bank on the new camera for outstanding video and even get going with shooting adventure sports and dare-devil acts. Hope the creators of Nico360 achieve tremendous success with its advanced features and push the market for 360-degree video even more into the mainstream.