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The New Sonos One: Multi-Room Speakers Redefined Once More

The New Sonos One

We have heard about Sonos which has been an established brand in producing multi-room speakers. Now the new multi-room speaker introduced by the brand matches the so called sound quality with the smart digital manoeuvre of voice command and smart interaction. That is the new Sonos One for you.

If you are already hooked up with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, the new Sonos One will help you interact with these virtual assistants through your own voice commands. There’s plenty more for which this new speaker system deserves attention and in the course of this review, we will unveil them.

The Smart Move For A Good Speaker System

Sonos has been in the market if speaker system for a long time finally made its foray into smart speaker market with a bang. The Sonos One is equipped with far-field microphones that work with all major digital assistants. Basically, it is a single speaker system refreshed and revived to respond to voice based assistants. As for sound quality, all initial tests revealed that its speaker sounds better than the Google Home or Amazon Echo. There are few other cool features that make it an attractive choice over other brands.

Whenever the microphone listens to your voice a light on top of the Sonos One speaker lights up and it gets off when the microphone isn’t listening. In fact, Sonis One took the bold step by wiring together this light and the mic to let the users know when the microphone is listening and when it is not. This is equally a great measure to ensure privacy. The company has already planned to extend its support to Google Assistant in the coming year.

Sonos is also on its way to add AirPlay 2 support to the speakers. This will help users easily queueing the music playlist and make preferences without using the proprietary app of the company every time. Sonos much to the surprise of many customers turned its attention from Bluetooth just to make music playing even smarter with AirPlay like feature.

Cost And Launch Date

For a smart speaker system with the ability to connect all smart assistant solutions, the price tag of $199 does not seem too ambitious though for a better marketing privilege it should have been a bit cheaper. The new Sonos One is scheduled to launch on 24th of October.

What Really Sets It Apart From The Rest?

Several attributes set apart Sonos One as a smart speaker that is equally equipped for high quality music listening. While the competition on smart speaker market is enormous with all major brands smart AI enabled home audio systems grabbing the most attention, Sonos One tried to edge out others by incorporating voice control, virtual assistance with its proprietary high quality sound system. Sonos already build a platform for developers who will continue to work bringing more choices to the end users.

Sonos has already expressed its intention to fend off competition simply by offering users more custom choices to use the speaker system for smart home control and virtual manoeuvres. Sonos is already working to offer native streaming support for a wide array of music apps ranging from Tidal, Pandora to iHeartRadio. So, Sonos One beside being a great multi-room speaker with the capability to interact with virtual assistants will also take music listening experience to a new level by allowing an array of music streaming services.

The Verdict

Sonos is regarded as the brand which basically made a wireless speaker with digital music streaming popular and that was the core value of the brand as of now. Now with the new Sonos One, the company extended its capabilities to allow voice communication for smart manoeuvres via digital assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. This gave the brand a new and invigorated value proposition.

If you are a diehard music lover with a lookout for a wireless streaker with unmatched streaming music choices and want your speaker to communicate with digital assistants as well, Sonos One just fits the bill. It can still be regarded as a minor brand compared to the stalwarts in voice controlled speaker systems but with quality and a spread of offerings, it seems to take over many of them.