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A New, Redesigned Razer Blade with Smaller Bezels

The New Razer Blade 15

The Razer Blade is back to amaze us and it consists of all those features that are expected from a gaming laptop in 2018. With this version, the company has refined the laptop’s design in notable way. While the previous model had bulky bezels around the display, the new 15.6 inch display features really thin borders. With many new and exciting features added to this version, the Razer Blade is ready to take on the bunch of lighting gaming laptops available in the market.

Ultra-thin and compact

The award-winning gaming laptop is now even more compact with the thickness of just 0.66 inch. It is ultra-thin but fully packed with features for incredible performance. It also comes with a larger 15.6 inch edge-to-edge display and a 144Hz refresh rate. It’s a viewing experience with minimal bezel distraction and color accurate individually calibrated displays.

4K touch display

Get immersed on an expansive 15.6 inch screen consuming nearly 85% of the visible display area, flanked by class-leading 4.9mm thin bezels. With a Full HD, 1920×1080 display and refresh rates of up to 144Hz, on-screen action is incredibly smooth and fluid. With 100% sRGB support, colors are always accurately reproduced. A stunning 4K touch display delivers 100% Adobe RGB support with a wide color gamut for ultimate vibrancy.

Black anodized finish

The Razer Blade has the smallest footprint of any 15.6″ gaming laptop. It is also the thinnest in its class. Other similarly configured laptops measure up to 115% larger in volume. They are over an inch bigger in both depth and width. The new Razer Blade is crafted from aluminum and CNC milled to exact precision. It features a black anodized finish with a solid, refined touch.

Powerful processor

The Razer Blade is powered by an 8th Gen Intel Core i7 6 core processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 10 Series Graphics with Max-Q design. You can simultaneously play and stream, or also use the latest creative apps to edit videos. This is only made possible with fast and upgradable PCIe SSD storage and dual-channel memory. It also features up to 16GB Dual Channel Memory and up to 512 GB SSD Storage.

Cooling system

The Razer Blade’s cooling system utilizes a custom vapor chamber, unlike other traditional heat pipe methods used in other laptops. It uses cutting-edge thermal materials to efficiently and quietly dissipate heat for maximum performance and user comfort.

Control of heat and reliability

The Razer Blade has custom 44 blade fans for high air flow and low noise. Its graphite-based, server-grade thermal materials deliver precise control of heat and reliability. There are nanoparticle thermal blockers to reduce hot spots. Integrated heat exchangers with 68 fins just 0.1 mm thin each for maximum heat dissipation. The large surface area covers CPU, GPU, and other heat-generating components. The black finish helps to reduce heat transfer to laptop chassis.

More ports

It directly connects up to 3 external displays for expansive gaming across multiple displays through Thunderbolt 3, Mini DisplayPort, and HDMI. You can complete the setup by connecting desktop peripherals using the three USB 3.1 ports. The Razer Blade is loaded with innovative features and designed for a customizable, immersive experience. You can connect a wide range of devices to the Razer Blade. Output up to 3 external displays, and plug in mice, keyboard and headsets.

You can connect a Razer Core X via Thunderbolt 3 and get more frames per second in games with a higher power desktop graphics card. You can combine the power of the built-in NVIDIA GeForce 10 series graphics with a second GPU to decrease render times in supported creative apps.

More graphic power

The Razer Blade works on Windows 10 so you can enjoy the incredibly smooth performance of existing games you love. You can then take your enjoyment further with XBox titles now available on your PC. The Razer Blade comes with a downloadable copy of FL Studio 12 Producer Edition. It is the music production suite of choice for artists all over the world. With a Razer Chroma plug-in, FL Studio adds another dimension to music production.

Available now

The new Razer Blade is made available from today has a starting price of $1,900. The model with 144Hz has a starting price of $2,200. The 4K tops the line with the highest price of $2,900. This new version of the Razer Blade is an updated, fresh take on the old one. It has fixed some previous flaws and offered a better design with more functionality this time.