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All New Movpak Skateboard Backpack Ready to Carry Your Luggage and You

Movpak Skateboard Backpack

Back in 2014 on Kickstarter Movpak was introduced as an electric skateboard backpack but unfortunately, the project could not find quite enough fund support. Now after nearly two years the company by adding more features came on Indiegogo for a second fundraising attempt. This time, the backpack offers an altogether new design and for the initial testers of the product, it felt like carrying a wheeled car needing only a little balance when moving on it. Here are some interesting attributes about Movpak.

  • Movpak by far is the only backpack that along with carrying every needful carry the person as well.
  • It plays the role of an electric vehicle capable to moving at 20 mph with the command of a wireless remote control.
  • One can also charge mobile devices and laptop on the go thanks to Movpak.

Power Packed Features

This is basically an electric skateboard cum backpack to carry you and your belongings. All you need is to pull a handle and the skateboard pops out automatically and you are ready to board it. The skateboard can move up to 20 miles per hour carrying both you and your luggage. The bag comes with changeable cover options and it offers ample space to keep all your necessary belongings for a short trip. At a full charge, the skateboard can run around 10 miles at a time.

There is an array of cool new attributes that make this fusion bag really useful. For instance, the bag comes loaded with a wireless phone charger to allow charging your devices on the go. It also comes packed with built-in speakers to listen to music and hear your phone just through the connected Movpak app. If these are not enough to make you already wonder how many more things it is capable to doing then we can ensure that it will even allow detecting your phone hands free. Movpak also offers a microphone allowing you to ask Siri or Google Now about the directions to follow while you are riding the skateboard. This allows operating the backpack completely hands free.

From the feature set, it is clear that Movpak is not so much focused on the core backpack capabilities as it is about enabling it with an electric skateboard and a host of value added features. The company declared that the Movpak will also have headlights. So, besides wireless charging capacity which will also double as a Bluetooth speaker to allow voice command via Siri or Google Now, your backpack will offer powerful lights to traverse through dark alleys as well. Moreover, it will also have built-in GPS allowing you to track the board in case it gets stolen or lost. With so many features, the backpack seems really promising to hit the market with a bang!

How to Use Movpak?

Operating the backpack is really simple. All you need to do is to push the handle in the back and the skateboard comes out for you to board on along with the backpack. With twin electric motors deployed the backpack itself sits calmly on the tail end of the skateboard. Movpak can hold up to 35 liters of your belongings and while going onboard with the skate you do not need to be concerned about the backpack.

So, What Is The Catch About It?

So, does the balance sheet go in favor of it? Yes, there are quite a few attributes that worth the price. First of all, it offers a handy built without being too heavy. Moreover, the pop-out handle will allow you to drag it just like any other wheeled suitcase. Secondly, it comes with impressive stand-out feature set for a backpack allowing ease and comfort of moving around while staying connected with your devices.

What About Price?

Movpak is still in its nascent state of fundraising campaign through Indiegogo and is not available for sale in the market yet. In 2014 in its first campaign on Kickstarter it could not accomplish the fundraising goal. Learning from the experience, this time the company came with an array of improvements in features, backpack capacity and overall ease of use. Naturally, this time the crowd funding campaign looks more fresh and invigorated than earlier.

For the early birds will put their bet on this feature rich skateboard backpack the Movpak is going to be offered at $599. The buyers will have their Movpak delivered as soon as the campaign ends on Indiegogo.