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The New Amazon Kindle Paperwhite – Do We Need to Upgrade?

Amazon Kindle

The new Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is claimed to be the best selling Amazon Kindle with the mid-range e-reader now being given an update and a refresh, as well as boasting of a brilliant 300ppi display and a brand new typesetting engine which actually lays out books the very way they were originally intended.

The Display and the Reading Experience

  • Proven to be the most popular for the mid-range e-reader, the Paperwhite packs in a crisp screen with lighting that is just perfect for reading in the dark. The thing is that the new Amazon is even better.
  • Looks wise, the newer version is similar to the old one, but the 2015 edition of the Paperwhite which has a 300ppi display, seems to be at pat with the top-end Voyage e-reader, which is a definite up from the previous model.
  • The new Paperwhite touchscreen is nice and clear and clear. The typesetting engine in the Amazon Kindle makes the books appear just as it was originally intended with much better spacing, typography and page lay outs.
  • The new Bookerly font which has been designed by Amazon to make the experience of reading even more pleasant, looks great in any size, although our faourite is still the more traditional looking Baskerville font. Either way, no matter which font and size you choose for your reading pleasure, it has never looked this great before.
  • The display is something readers are really going to drool over.
  • And we are not done yet, the Amazon’s new Paperwhite also stands out from the older version with its built-in front tight for reading in the dark.
  • The light is adjustable to one’s liking and is evenly distributed too.
  • Somehow, the touchscreen works fabulously and it speedily registers taps with its built-in touch keypad. What it means is that you won’t be hampered when searching for new books.

The Software Front

In case you have been using Amazon Kindle for your reading, you would notice that not much has changed on the software front. The Paperwhite continues to pack in Amazon’s X-Ray feature which allows you to get even more information from what you are reading. You can look up words, highlight passages and it is just as easy as it was before. It is speedy, and although the speed due to the refresh rate of the E Ink display, the reading experience is not hampered and it does a pretty good job on the overall.

Expensive – But Worth It?

The new Paperwhite is still much more expensive than the base Kindle, which is a competitive enough buy considering you don’t really need such razor sharp display or a built-in light. With the new version, you can get access to Amazon’s large library which of course can only be accessed is you spring for the pricier 3G edition, which puts the price up to £169.99 (while both 3G/Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi only models move up to being £10 more expensive if you go for the ad-free version).

Other Notable Changes in Amazon Kindle

The Paperwhite does feel a bit chunky, with previous models being slimmer, but that shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you’re used to carrying around thick, heavy books anyway. Also, the improvement has not been drastic enough having retained the same shape and size and its improved screen isn’t a huge leap from before. With older and base models also receiving the same improved typesetting and the Bookerly font, the improvement in the new Amazon Kindle seems only minor. It would have been great though if it came with waterproof skill, which is a boon when you’re reading by the pool or in the bath. Also, stuff like read-it-later works brilliantly if you’re an avid online reader. So, basically, even without all the bells and whistles, Amazon’s flagship, its modest £109.99 price tag for the Wi-Fi only model makes it the best Kindle you can buy right now.