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Nebula Mars Portable Cinema

Nebula Mars

If you have browsed USB battery packs brands online you are very likely to hear the name of Anker. This Chinese accessory maker continued to grow big with its ambition of making its foray into all categories of consumer electronics and ecosystem of gadgets. After making its first into smart earphones it now came with a fully featured projector called Nebula.

Dubbed as Nebula Mars portable projector it represents a complete home entertainment product that can really compete with big names in display technology like LG and Sony. The best thing about this ambitious gamble is the huge price advantage that the buyers can enjoy. Nebula Mars priced at $599.99 really looks promising on value.

A Versatile Projector

Nebula Mars is basically a DLP-based portable projector that runs on one of the older Android OS. It allows connecting any device to the projector for large screen viewing. Ranging from the smartphone, tablets, gaming consoles, your PC, and TVs to streaming sticks, you can connect a variety of devices. The best thing about Mars is that you don’t need to connect always an external device. The projector with built-in Wi-fi can even run Netflix and HBO Go remotely.

You are probably thinking about the image quality which remains absent with most cheaper projectors available currently in the market. Well, on a flat surface of up to 150 inches this projector really offers fantastic image quality.

Sophisticated Design

When it comes to design Nebula Mars looks really impressive with a slightly cube-like structure. With a slidable cover and easy-to-reach navigation buttons and a solid handle for carrying the device around, the design seems unique and useful. The projector apart from the physical buttons also comes loaded with a remote allowing you controlling all the functions like focus adjustment and playback.

Image Quality

The final determining factor for a projector is obviously its image quality and in that respect Nebula, Mars seems to outperform most others in the market. It offers an impressive brightness level in comparison to its size and dimension. It offers a maximum resolution of 1280 x 800 which may not be dubbed as superb but quite alright for small screen sizes. Actually, for a small living room or domestic space, you can use a downsized screening area of maximum 45 to 60 inches for far enhanced and optimum image quality equalling best in class HDR devices.

Battery Power

According to the maker of the Nebula Mars, Anker the battery power of the device is expected to stay alive for three hours for constant viewing. Though the actual result is still to be tested, you can always play the projector by plugging it with a DC adapter.

Impressive Audio Output

The projector also comes with an audio port allowing you to connect the projector to your home speaker system or any other a portable Bluetooth connected sound system. But hardly one needs to think of connecting another sound system as it is itself equipped with 10-watt dual JBL speakers which is just enough for good audio quality when listening without much ambient noise around.

A Few Drawbacks To Consider

The Nebula Mars is not for viewers who are expecting highest resolution viewing on a larger screen. Considering the price range it rather stoops down when it comes to good resolution. Another major pulling factor is its older generation software that may suck at times. It can be a nice choice just because it’s versatile and design-wise cool, but for optimum image quality, it cannot be the ideal choice.

What Situations Are Ideal For Mars?

Mars is a kind of projector that can make game players enjoy extended hours of playing by connecting their PlayStation 4 or Nintendo Switch, or Xbox One for a great game playing experience while looking at the neat view of their game on the wall or a flat surface. The crisp projected display coupled up with the easy portability of the device also makes it ideal for outdoor campers.

Final Verdict

The portability is a big draw for Nebula Mars. Though the price tag seems a bit outrageous, for anyone wishing to buy a cool and sophisticated projector with fairly good viewing quality for regular game playing or small screen outdoor viewing, this projector still seems an appealing proposition.