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Naked 3D Fitness Tracker – The Future of Health Gadgets

Naked 3D Fitness Tracker

The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker seems poised to change the whole body measurement game. They are pitching on a mirror to look at ourselves naked to give us the motivation to hit the gym and eat better. One can understand what is happening to the body so that then one can correlate activity, diet and regimen. It’s an amazing, high-tech system saddled with a unique name. It efficiently captures the 3D body model so that one can visualize the body’s changes on the Naked app. The Body fat measurement can tell your fat percentage body metrics and capture measurements with accuracy.

Invented by Naked Labs, the Ph.D.-filled Silicon Valley startup behind the device has given a full-length mirror that fits seamlessly into your daily routine without compromising on looks or performance. It is designed in such a way that it looks efficient, elegant, and user-friendly. To accurately pinpoint the changes, you must be naked, hence the name, or one could wear skintight clothing too.

Its Working Pattern and Design

The 3D Fitness tracker is connected with mirror plugs that can fit any wall, while the scale wirelessly charges. You have to stand on the scale, and it slowly rotates to get a scan of you overall from front to back, and sides.

The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker is a sophisticated machine with an Intel processor, Wi-Fi, a companion mobile app, and scanning technology. The mirror is equipped with Intel RealSense Depth Sensors that easily scans full 3D of your body in 20 seconds while the Bluetooth-connected scales also act as a turntable. The specialty is that it shows a “heat map” that locates exactly where your body is growing muscle or gaining fat, right this minute.

Additionally, a true visual feedback is of its time-lapse app “heat map” that shows what looks like a clay model of your body changing over days and weeks. Company has also tracked pregnancies month by month with some of our beta users so that many women users could see how their pregnancy changed their bodies. In the future many companies would design clothes not for what you look like now, but what you’ll look like in a month’s time.

9 Valiant Features of Naked 3D Fitness Tracker

  1. LED Ring is designed for an intuitive user experience.
  2. A laser pointer in the mirror lets you know exactly where to place the scales for better markings.
  3. Naked is enabled with auto-user recognition for easier process.
  4. It has a low battery alert system.
  5. The app comes with fingerprint authentication for added security.
  6. Naked comes equipped with a handy toggle on the back panel to ensure the appropriate scanning angle.
  7. Because our weight sensors are internal instead of external, the scale works on carpet as well as hard flooring.
  8. The combination of weight and volumetric data allows the company to get the same data that precise hydrostatic body fat calculators use when they immerse you in a body of water.
  9. Naked Labs uses an Intel Atom quad-core processor, an Intel RealSense depth-sensing camera, a 63-inch high mirror, and a 14.5-inch turntable.

The Bottom Line

You can order your Naked 3D Fitness Tracker and Scale for $499, which will come out for both iOS and Android versions. The price will likely go up later, after it ships in March next year. This device will be compatible with Fitbit, Apple Health and other fitness tracking systems at launch where API can be accessed. So wait till March 2017 for the smart mirror to show up as the wait will be worth your fitness.