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MW50 – Master & Dynamic’s New On-ear Headphone is a Bit Costly

Master & Dynamic MW50

Master & Dynamic is a relatively new brand in the audio world. Still, it has built up a name around its stylish line of headphones. These headphones combine premium materials with a signature design. Masters & Dynamic‘s latest Bluetooth headphones, the on-ear MW50, feature a classic design executed with luxurious materials. They’re stylish, with a quasi-retro aesthetic that’s bound to attract followers.

Cowhide & Lambskin

The headband and earpads of the MW50 are lined with cowhide and lambskin. Much of the frame is made of stainless steel. The headphones feel tough, though it should be noted that sound release through perforations in the leather, which raises concerns that the earpads could be torn open in a freak accident.

Smaller than the MW60

The MW50s are substantially smaller than the MW60, and about a third lighter. This makes them a bit unrealistic as a pair of gym headphones. It’s still better to look elsewhere for workouts headphones since leather gets hot and sweaty. Despite the lighter weight, the MW50s’ on-ear design makes them vulnerable to slipping when leaning forward or backward.

Technical Features of MW50

  1. Technical Sophistication: Technical features of MW50 include best-in-class (3x industry average) signal range and a 16-hour rechargeable battery but you should be able to last days or even weeks without recharging, depending on usage patterns, combined with a minimal industrial aesthetic and their signature rich, warm sound.
  2. Premium Leather: You will find heavy grain premium cowhide on headband exterior surface and ear cup accents. You will also find soft lambskin on headband interior and ear pads.
  3. Stainless Steel: MW50 comes with rotating hinges and fold flat. It has stainless steel components in all high strain areas.
  4. Beryllium Drivers: MW50 has 40 mm Beryllium high-performance drivers.
  5. Lambskin Earpads: ME50 has memory foam, wrapped in lambskin, providing superior comfort and breathability, removable for cleaning.
  6. Intuitive Controls: The tactile controls on MW50 offer an elegant experience. While they’re functionally similar to the ones on the MW60s. The buttons here are much smaller and closer together, making them harder to discern by feel.
  7. Dual Microphones: MW50 comes with omnidirectional, noise-isolating microphone to provide superior clarity.

Audio Quality

Audio quality is roughly on par with the MW60s, which is pretty amazing. At moderate levels, you still have a hefty bass response matched well with high-mid and high-frequency presence. You won’t get as much power on MW50, but it’s still goods enough, and output is clean and well-balanced across highs, mids, and lows. People who value good sound across the board and not just bass should at least briefly consider Master & Dynamic as an option.

Available in Two Colors

The micro USB port for charging is also located on the outer panel of the right earcup. Both included cables for audio and charging have an attractive white cloth lining similar to an athletic shoelace. Available in either black or light brown leather, both models have silver metallic accents.

Bit Pricey

The MW50s are a well-built set of headphones. They are unlikely to disappoint anyone who can afford to buy them. While the MW50s are $100 cheaper than the MW60s, that’s still $449, with sacrifices in portability and control to boot. The pricey Master & Dynamic MW50 headphones deliver an excellent, exceptionally clear Bluetooth audio experience in a comfortable, classic design.