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mVoice G2: World’s First Smartwatch With Voice Control And Full Display Packed In An Appealing Analog Design

mVoice G2

Smartwatches have seen not a petty evolution all through these few years since it hugged the wrists of geeks and tech enthusiasts as the first smart wearable. But there were always more to come and our expectations of them never stopped. From becoming an extended interface of smartphones to allowing more apps and more actions like this their mobile counterparts, they continued to evolve. But we almost forgot to expect them delivering voice control and a full-screen view, that too with a stylish analog watch face. All these are now packed inside mVoice G2, the breathtaking new smartwatch from Martian Watches.

So Much For Convenience Made Affordable

The new mVoice G2 is fully equipped to make voice calls and respond to voice commands through smart digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, and the Google Assistant. This stylish smartwatch with a predominantly analog face is made utterly affordable with a pre-order price of just $119 (£90).

The company which earlier came with mVoice found it limited with the only option of Alexa for voice commands. The earlier version also had some design glitches and a few issues. Now with the mVoice G2, the company addressed all of these beside allowing the device user with other smart voice control digital assistants like Siri or Google Assistant.

A Beautiful Design And Solid Built

Design excellence is one of the strengths of new G2 which looks stylish with a seemingly analog watch face. The Watch face is round and bold with a bordering stainless steel case. Beside device being dotted with two buttons and a dial on the side, it has IP67 grade water resistance. The watch is protected with a mineral crystal glass.

At first glance, you are bound to see it as an analog watch that hides the smart display under the mechanical hands. But the real beauty of the watch lies in how the digital display takes over the entire watch face allowing a full display. It is needless to say that this bigger display offers a lot more actions than the earlier mVoice. The material used to protect the watch face is anti-scratch in character and with it, your watch remains safe in all wear and tear of daily life.

So Many Actions Packed

According to the company the display allows you to do a lot of things. You can see and scroll down the long list of notifications, do shopping on Amazon right on the watch, interact with numerous smart home gadgets, call for an Uber ride and much more. The small LED in the watch will be able to remit five different colors for assigning as alerts for different apps. From the watch, you can also take control of the camera of your phone or while sync time automatically while using the watch as a stopwatch.

Awesome Battery Life

The company told us that the G2 uses a display built to consume least battery power. The watch while using smart features allows you as long as 10 days of usable battery power with single full-charge. It also allows continuous talk time for two hours at a stretch. If you only use the analog watch, a single charge is enough to make it alive for 60 days.

It Is A Bit Pricey!

With so much of power features packed within an analog looking stylish smartwatch deserves undoubtedly a price. But the $245 price tag seems to be a little ambitious even after considering all the technical and aesthetic feats the mVoice G2 achieved. The watch is on its last leg in the Kickstarter campaign and at this moment you have the luck of availing the early bird price of $99. It’s really a good deal, isn’t it?

Final Verdict

The mVoice G2 which has such never before features of a smartwatch, such beautiful look of a designer analog watch and such impressive battery power is obviously a watch of its kind and deserves attention not just from geeks but from every watch lover. Obviously, it is the first Watch to offer voice control and such a wider spectrum of smart features. If you look forward to a really cutting edge smartwatch that can be worn as a stylish designer watch, you cannot go any further than mVoice G2.