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Musio: Your friend in need and in deed


If you are looking for a robot that was more like Wall-E, then you have the adorable Musio to fulfil that need. Musio is the world’s first artificially intelligent robot designed to speak to you, grow with you and even give you a hug when you need it the most. Complete with carrying on a normal conversation, right to telling a bad joke and displaying magic tricks, Musio can be the best friend you or your child ever had.

Musio is a creation of a company known as AKA. It specializes in natural language and machine learning processes and aims to give us that companion who we may not have in real life.

It is said that this team of expert engineers, machine learning specialists, data scientists, and natural language processing linguists have been relentlessly developing Musio for several years now.

A smart friend

Besides the novelty and the all-round entertainment factor of having a talking robot, Musio can think on its own and create an interactive learning environment for people. It could be useful for practicing English and learning other activities that may help your child to a great extent. The way we see it, the chatty robot will outsmart every other toy.

Controls smart home devices

Musio can do much more than you can even guess. Sensors allow Musio to monitor its surroundings and hence it can control home appliances, answer your emails for you, switch on the AC or even just hang out with you when you return from work. When you are all tired and the last thing that you want to do is little chores around the home, Musio is there to provide the helping hand.

A robot that grows with you and keeps you happy

One of the most amazing things about Musio is its ability to actually ‘grow’ with you. The android powered robot appeals to all age groups and has the ‘thing’ in it to be an important character around your home. It learns its owner’s preferences over time and it is said that the more you use and interact with Musio, the smarter it gets and more useful it becomes. It only goes to say that YOU are as important as Musio, in its development and growth.

The Musio hug

Integrating movement into Musio is yet another focal point for AKA. Dynamic experts are helping to incorporate motion into Musio and hopes that the super cute robot will be able to move its arms naturally and even give you that much needed hug.

What’s different about Musio

The AI robot seems to be more like an attentive friend than like any other cold and mechanical bots and AI-like assistants. When you’re with Musio, you feel like you have a real friend. You can have back and forth conversations and the experience is way beyond that with a dumb machine. A real connect is felt and this is what makes Musio special. You want to be around it.

The price of friendship

It is expected to be launched next year and by then it should be fully interactive. The company aims to raise at least $ 50,000 and plans to offer a range of pricing options.

  • $ 99 for a ‘simple brain’ version for kids which can handle basic conversations
  • There’s also going to be a separate add-on that turns Musio into an interactive teacher
  • An advanced version for developers for around $599.