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Muse 5 & Rio 3: True Wireless Earphones

Muse 5 & Rio 3

Erato Audio endeavors to create the best sounding true wireless audio products on the market. They do this without the unnecessary bells and whistle, committed to delivering a product you’ll love and also believe it will become an integral part of your everyday life. Erato Audio has announced their next generation of true wireless earphones for the first time on Indiegogo.

Both the Muse and Rio are designed to be completely wireless. You can enjoy high-performance audio without a wire in site. The headphones use Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) and aptX to bring out quality sound from your digital sources.

The Muse 5 was modeled after the award-winning Apollo 7 platform. It also incorporates some similar internal characteristics. A common issue with in-ear audio devices in the market today is the seal around the ear canal. That affects sound quality and bass response.


The patented FitSeal silicone sleeve creates a truly customized fit for most ear shapes and sizes. The silicone sleeve helps in optimizing sound quality. Traditional earphones offering only three sizes (S M L). But the Muse 5 can be customized into nine different combinations

FitSeal offers two key features: Comfortable fit and a superior seal. Having a quality seal decreases outside noise and increases bass response. By offering a variety of size combinations with FitSeal sleeve technology, they solve the fit issues usually seen with other earbuds.

Whether you have a small ear canal and large conch area or a large canal and smaller conch area, there is a solution for you. FitSeal sleeves allow the user to use a comfortable tip while securing the ear conch area with the right sleeve. This creates a quality seal to experience the harmonic music and bass Earto has designed for you.

The sleeve only needs to grab on to 2-3 corners of the ear, when put in place. The silicon will hold the earbud in place without falling out, even in extreme conditions. FitSeal eliminates the discomfort traditional earphones cause over a long period of use. Instead, the sleeve creates a natural seal on the outer ear while holding the earphones in place at the same time.

Digital Sound Processing Technology

Traditional stereo earphones create surround sound enabling you to hear the individual sound. But it does not allow you to evaluate the distance of each sound being emitted. Also, you can’t decide whether a specific sound is close or far. The digital sound processing technology can restore the spatial distance missing in traditional earphones. Erato Surround is calibrated with micro-driver and its acoustic chamber. It can reduce sound image distortion to create a more accurate soundstage. With this advanced audio technology, they deliver the same experience as heard inexpensive over the ear headphones for a fraction of the price.

Comply Diaphragm Driver

The Muse 5 has an audio playback of up to 4 hours. It comes with a carrying case with a battery built in to recharge the Muse 5 up to 3 times on the go. The innovative case can be recharged via micro USB cable. It is included in each Muse 5 package. The Rio 3 is engineered to address this common issue in the marketplace. The Rio 3 packs a large lithium battery providing up to 6 hours of audio playback. It weighs only 14 grams. Our advanced wireless antenna system is compatible with all Bluetooth 4.0 or higher devices. It includes a 14.2 mm Comply Diaphragm Driver for the richest base and harmonic highs.

The proprietary complies diaphragm used in Rio 3 is a special alloy of Magnesium/Titanium combo sputtered diaphragm. It shows the rigid characteristics and maintains the diaphragm overall softness to provide the best of both characteristics. The 14.2mm driver used in Rio 3 provides “Extra Bass” compared to the regular 8mm and/or 10mm drivers.

1 Year Warranty

It’s not recommended for underwater sports but water and sweat resistant. Bluetooth wireless does not travel underwater. Swimming is not recommended. They cover a limited 1-year warranty for manufacture defects. The Rio 3 has up to 8 hours of talk time and 6 hours of play time. The Muse 5 has up to 7 hours of talk time and 4 hours of play time.

Works With Both Apple & Android

The Muse 5 and Rio 3 works with both Apple and Android as well as other devices that have Bluetooth 4.0 connection or higher. Muse and Rio both have a MEMS omnidirectional microphone built-in and can make hands-free calling with both earphones. The Rio has 3 buttons, while the Muse 5 has a single button. Buttons can control volume, tracks, play/stop the music, and even activate voice command software such as Siri or Google Now. The MSRP for the Rio 3 is $129.99 and Muse 5 $179.99.