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Mu Tag: World’s Smallest Property Tracker and Loss Prevention Device

Mu Tag World’s Smallest Property Tracker and Loss Prevention Device

There are devices with an endless array of tracking solutions out there to help you find your lost belongings. But people at informu believes that there is a better way. That is to prevent loss in the first place. The Mu Tag by informu offers the simplest and smartest way to keep your belongings safe. It is world’s the smallest loss prevention device.

Discreet Tag.

The Mu tag is a small, discreet electronic tag. It can be easily attached to belongings that matter to you. Mu Tag encourages you to live stress free through the small design and smart notifications. So you can go about your day without having to worry about losing track of your belongings. The Mu tag communicates with your smartphone or smartwatch. It notifies you when you go too far away from your belongings. The app will remember your safe locations. This way, you don’t get any false notifications.

Made Up of Two Modules.

The Mu tag is composed of two modules: the main micro-controller module, and an interchangeable and rechargeable battery module. The low energy beacon module lets the tag notify your smart device when your belongings aren’t safe. The ultra thin and flexible PCB allows the tag to be discreetly attached to anything. The small rechargeable and interchangeable battery can last up to 3 months.

Setting Up.

  1. Attach: Attach the tag to any of your belongings or valuables.
  2. Connect: Using the free Mu Tag app, it is simply to set up your tag. Simply add it to your dashboard and you are ready to go.
  3. Never lose anything: The app will notify if you leave any item behind.

Comes in 5 Colors.

At informu, they believe that wearables or attachables should blend in with your personality and your belongings. They want you to feel proud when you decide to attach the Mu tag to your belongings. In addition to its small size and discreet profile, they are also offering four colors of the Mu tag. But it may certainly change. It comes in colors like: Blue, Red, Orange, Black, and White.

Informu App.

Mu Tag has a smartphone application. It allows you to manage all your tags and configure them for daily use. In the Mu Tag app, Bluetooth pairing is not required. This will drastically improve the onboarding process. Notifications are sent to the phone and/or smartwatch, once the tags are added. At its foundation, the Mu tag acts as a virtual leash between you and your tracked items. In addition to being a virtual leash, the Mu tag learns about you and your needs. The Mu Tag app merges with your calendar. It then lets you know what items you may need.

Remembers Locations.

The Mu tag is supposed to help you never lose track of your things, but they also don’t want to notify you excessively. The app easily remembers any safe locations you construct for each tag. That way, they won’t bug you in the comfort of your own home. But they will surely let you know if you leave something behind at a coffee shop. The app will control your calendar data in order to let you know about any items that you may require for an upcoming event.

Coming Next Year.

Mu Tag has received over $100,000 pledges to the project. Now they are expecting to start fulfilling orders at the beginning of next year. A tag starts at $24.99. A charger costs $14.99.For those that lose things all the time, there’s even a larger hub which can charge up to four tags at the same time. It is priced at $49.99.