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Mu-so Qb – The 300-Watt Wireless Music System is Louder than its Looks

Mu-so Qb

Nowadays, Wireless speakers generally come in two flavors: portable Bluetooth options or larger. The new compact wireless music system from the engineers behind the award-winning Mu-so is the Mu-so Qb which was launched at CES 2016 and is the second speaker in Naim’s Mu-So lineup, following the much larger Mu-So launched last year.

With custom-made features all designed in audio laboratories in England, this device does resemble a true feat of sound engineering. It delivers a staggering 300 watts of power that unmasks music with a sound that defies its size considerably.

Design and Features of Mu-so Qb

  • It’s not a portable speaker in the least as it weighs over 12 pounds. Inside the Qb’s cuboid design are five drivers: two tweeters, two mid-range, and one woofer; and five amplifiers. All amps are controlled by a custom 32-bit digital signal processor.
  • There’s a 14.5 x 7.6cm woofer, paired with two 14.8 x 8.6cm passive radiators, two 6.4cm-diameter mid-range drivers, and those two 2.5cm-diameter tweeters.
  • The Qb comes with a black speaker grille as standard but you can also alternative colored grilles to fit your mood or decor.
  • Mu-so Qb supports Apple’s AirPlay, Spotify Connect, Bluetooth, and UPnP for wireless streaming from a computer or phone. It offers simultaneous streaming or separate listening depending on what takes your mood.
  • It has a round touch panel on its top for selecting five radio presets and various source inputs.
  • Even if someone needs multi-room audio then Multiple Mu-So speakers can be paired together. So it’s a complete entertainment device that can be turned into a multi-room sound system easily.
  • The dial also doubles as a massive volume control and positively oozes sophistication with its backlit LED which is visible through the acrylic bottom of the speaker.  To the rear of the Qb, there’s an Ethernet port, a 3.5mm analogue input, an optical digital input and a USB port for plugging in hard drives, memory sticks or phones.
  • The Qb’s unique shape and a variety of materials — aluminum, fabric, and acrylic — lend to a unique, but cool-looking visual presentation.
  • The standard version comes in black, but Naim sells accessory fabric covers in a variety of colors as the Qb’s exterior mesh panel is a removable all-in-one piece.
  • Virtually every source is covered so that you can stream from your phone, tablet or NAS music server. The only things missing are a conventional radio FM tuner and a CD drive.

Other Significant Features

Mu-so Qb renders a positive energy that pumps out power and controlled sound because of which it soon can become the must-have streaming product for many hi-fi enthusiasts. Additionally, the physical control of the wheel up top which has touch-sensitive control buttons rotates in a buttery smooth fashion to adjust the volume. This latest tech fits into the everyday life far more easily like hanging out in the kitchen, bedroom or, well, anywhere around the house. The company has given aluminum casework to ensure everything is rigid, while the transparent base with light-up Naim logo gives it a distinct yet familiar design.

Price and Availability

Mu-so Qb is undoubtedly versatile wireless music system by Naim Audio, the connectivity is wide-ranging and stable, and the sound is superb. The price is set at £595. It should absolutely fly off the shelves, and it deserves to. It’s a pleasure to listen to, and a miracle of miniaturization. It’s a rich, delicious, chocolatey sound with plenty of well-controlled bass in a cheaper package. So if the four-figure price doesn’t send you running, then Mu-So Qb is a versatile, sexy and unique wireless speaker that has impressive sound quality.