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Mu One: Most Handy and Portable International Charger for All Your Devices

Mu One Charger

The huge growth of mobile devices practically means we need to charge more devices. This isn’t a problem when you are at home, but when you are in travel and cannot take all the separate chargers or cannot find suitable ports everywhere, it becomes a big problem. That’s why Mu One came as a truly innovative charger with a great one size does fit all approach. The small form factor of Mu One ensures charging any device anywhere without difficulty. From power hungry laptops to all sorts of mobile devices and camera, you can charge all your digital devices on the go with this single efficient charger.

It is a truly dream come true charging solution for the traveller. If you are not willing to charge several devices at one go, it comes as fairly equipped and enough for charging devices. The biggest value for this speaker is that it can charge any device including various mobiles and smartphones. Without reducing the number of chargers, it incorporates several chargers into one.

Mu One technology

Mu One charger comes with awesome 45W of power along with fast charging technology, and this makes it suitable for all types of smartphones. It is capable to charge all your mobile devices and laptops including even the MacBooks and the notebooks. It is basically a charger with three pieces of charger combined into one.

The charger uses Gallium Nitride Technology (GaN) which can deliver a high level of power within a very small space. This is why all the chargers deliver 94% power efficiency. The real benefit of the charger is the ability to pack several powerful chargers into one powerful one.

The Power Delivery Technology (PD) is another breakthrough technology used in this charger. Thanks to this it is capable of fast charging and capacitive or adaptive charge. This happens because the voltage output of the charger can adjust to the devices and allow quick charging with the technology. Mu One charger also comes equipped with a PD controller.

Lastly, this charger also has an Auto-Detect Chip which allows identification of the device types and OS like iOS, Android and other devices only to ensure these devices are charged at optimum speed.

Mu One charger: how it works

The Mu One sports a patented fold-flat design that houses an interchangeable plug head system. This system enables the charger to be used in as many as 200 countries globally while maintaining a small form perfect for the pocket.

Utilising the charger, you need two parts, respectively as the 45W power block that comes with a reversible USB Type-C connector and any one of the three interchangeable plug heads.

All you need to do is to swap on the plug head for the particular country you are located in or travelling to. You also need to choose the right cable for the device and plug into the socket for charging the devices.

When you use it in Britain, this pocket-sized and portable charger will help to reduce the total UK plug size by more than 70%. Now thanks to this, you can bid adieu to the heavy UK chargers that you need to carry along.

This portable charger also comes with a charger capable of 90-degree rotation and bi-directional use. This adds a stylish way of charging devices and is particularly suitable for countries in EU, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Russia and all countries using plug type C.

For use in the US, it comes with pocket-sized charging head with fold-away pins. The smooth and streamlined design plugs make it perfect for plugging into the socket while on the go. It is suitable for use in many countries including US, Canada, China, Thailand, Japan and 50 other countries worldwide.

It is a charger capable of plugging into any type of socket in the world without requiring an adapter. All you need is to switch plug heads. The most beautiful thing is that the charging heads are designed perfectly to make the charger look slim and portable.

Final verdict

We all felt the need for a really portable charger that can be used in many countries without constraints. It is a slim, powerful, multi-device, truly international charger that got an instantly overwhelming response in the Kickstarter campaign raising its target fund in a few days. For the early bird orders, the charger is priced at 39 GBP ($54) which is not a big price for the traveller who always looks for a handy charger on the go.