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Move HR Sweat: A Device With Built-In Heart Rate Sensor And A Voice Coach

Move HR Sweat

Moov HR Sweat is the Moov HR powered sweatband made by focusing on athletes. It is sweat-absorbing, breathable, and quick-drying. Moov’s new HR Sweat is a headband that promises to kickstart your fitness routine with workouts designed specifically around your heart rate. It’s an intriguing premise that positions Moov to compete with chest strap makers like Polar.

HIIT Workouts.

The quarter-sized Moov HR sensor slips into a silicone pouch. This is attached to the HR Sweat headband. Once you slip the headband into place, you have to make sure the sensor is placed directly on your skin against your temple. Before you can connect the sensor to your phone, you get to choose a workout in the Moov app. In the Activities tab, there’s a new “Heart Rate Based” workout section. You get to choose from four high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. Or it could be a running workout to connect the HR Sweat. After you pick a workout and connect the HR Sweat, the app will tell you if the sensor is placed in the optimal spot to detect a strong heart rate.

Track Both Indoor And Outdoor Runs.

The premise behind the HR Sweat is that HIIT workouts improve your cardio fitness and help you burn more fat in less time. It’s hard to know if you’re actually in the fat-burning zone while working out without a heart-rate monitor. Moov thinks the head is a more convenient place than the chest and gets more accurate results than the wrist to measure heart rate. The Moov HR Sweat tracks both indoor and outdoor runs. But for treadmill workouts you’ll have to enter your mileage manually.

Sweat-Compatible Workouts.

There are currently just five HR Sweat-compatible workouts in the Moov app, though Moov plans to add more. The device also doesn’t use motion yet. So it can’t offer a well-rounded summary of your workout.

The Moov HR Sweat really excels in the app’s built-in vocal coach. It guides you through each interval with words of encouragement to boost your heart rate. HIIT workouts are cruel and savage.

These workouts are pretty good. The circuit workouts are 30 minutes apiece. They guide you through three circuits of four exercises. These are all video-based to visually guide you through each rep while the voice coach tells you to move faster.

Sensors In A Sweat Band.

Putting a sensor in a sweat band is cool. But at the same time it feels gimmicky. The round heart rate sensor isn’t actually placed in the sweat band. It is simply fit into a pocket that the band presses into your head. It results into a round red temple indentation that, lasts for at least 30 minutes following a workout.

Wearing a sweat band is easier than a chest strap. But the Moov HR Sweat , just like a chest strap, sits right on top of your sweaty skin. This requires the band to be washed frequently, unlike a wrist-worn fitness tracker.

Runs For Six Hours On A Charge.

And the HR Sweat is yet another device in your life that needs to be charged frequently. It lasts up to six hours on a charge, which means you can get a week’s worth of workouts before needing to plug it in.


The final price at launch this month is actually $100. This puts Moov HR in line with wrist-worn fitness bands you can wear all day, every day. The HR Sweat is worth buying for the AI assistant’s encouragement. But the Moov app requires workout option that has more choices to offer. Cycling and swimming are options that can be started with.

Shipping In February.

But those features could come with software updates. The device can be used as a general heart rate-monitoring device with other apps via Bluetooth. Though you won’t get the vocal coaching without the Moov app. Moov HR Sweat has a lot of potential. The device is available to order now and starts shipping at the end of February.