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Motorola Introduces Moto Mod Stereo Speaker at an Affordable Price

Moto Mod Stereo Speaker

Motorola has come up with a new and interesting gadget-cum-accessory for its Moto Z phones. This device is called the Moto Mod Stereo Speaker and is specifically designed for the Z-series phone line up. Currently, the Moto mods are a victorious take on the smartphone mods. Like any other smartphone mod, this Moto Stereo Speaker mod easily slaps on to the back of your Moto Z series phones. The Moto Stereo Speaker definitely has some handy uses.

Powerful stereo sound

You just have to snap the Stereo Speaker onto your Moto Z and press play. It doesn’t require any kind of pairing or cords. With the help of the Moto Stereo Speaker, you can easily enjoy powerful stereo sound on your smartphone. Now making hands-free speakerphone calls and video chats will be more fun, thanks to the better vocal clarity of the mods. There is also a built-in kickstand. It creates an immersive audio-visual experience so you can kick back and watch a movie or a video. You will never need to charge the mod because your phone’s battery will provide the power to the speaker.

The basic features

  • Powerful stereo sound: Now you can enjoy music and videos using the Stereo Speaker mod that provides powerful stereo sound. It has instantly louder audio and richer bass.
  • Built-in kickstand: It comes with a built-in kickstand. This allows you to prop up your phone to experience more immersive music and movies.
  • No charging required: The Moto Stereo Speaker mod doesn’t require charging. The battery on the mod will be powered by your phone’s battery.
  • No pairing needed: The Stereo Speaker doesn’t require any kind of pairing or cords. You can simply snap it on and listen to the sound. It is completely hassle-free.
  • Speakerphone calls: Now you can go hands-free and do both audio and video calls without compromising on the clarity of the sound.
  • Works on any Moto Z: The Moto Stereo Speaker works on any phone from the Moto Z family.

Affordable price

One major drawback of the Moto Stereo Speaker is that it doesn’t have a separate charger and gets all its power from the phone’s battery. This only means that the phone’s battery will die out sooner. The Moto Stereo Speaker mod comes in three colors: Black, Blue and Red. The mod is priced at $59.99. The mods can also be bought at a monthly payment of $10 per month. This is definitely cheaper than other speakers like JBL and Soundboost 2. The Moto Mod Stereo Speaker is a great way to add a louder, better sound with enhanced bass and quality.