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Moto Gamepad: A New Handheld Gaming Console


Moto Gamepad is a handheld gaming console. With the Moto Gamepad, you can now control your mobile gaming experience fully on your own. This moto mod comes with dual control sticks. It also has a D-pad, and four tactile action buttons. This offers you a realistic gaming experience. Plus, you get responsive control in a snap. You get this without wireless input lag or the hassle of Bluetooth pairing.

Exclusive Lock.

The Moto Gamepad has an exclusive lock on the mod. This connects directly to the Moto Z. It uses the pins on the back of the phone. It offers dependable controls and doesn’t lag at all. It’s available to preorder now and goes on sale August 25th.


Immersive Gaming: The Moto Gamepad has physical buttons. It offers a life-size gaming experience in the palm of your hands.
Tactile Controls: The Moto Gamepad gives you an old school feel. Thanks to its dual control sticks, D-pad, and four action buttons.
Power To Play: The Moto Gamepad comes with a 1035 mAh built-in battery. The battery powers your Gamepad. It can go on for up to 8 hours without recharging.
Plays Well With Others: The Moto Gamepad is easily compatible with any phone in the Moto Z Family.
LED Lights: In a way of responding to the controls, the Moto Gamepad has red dual LED lights on it.
Ports: On the Moto Gamepad, there is a USB-C for charging, 3.5mm HSJ, Moto Mods connector.

It’s Not Just Plastic And A Few Buttons.

At just $80, you are getting a device that is valuable and not just a plastic shell and some buttons. Even the $300 Moto 360 camera doesn’t include its own battery. Plus, you won’t have to worry about pairing a Bluetooth controller which is really good. That is if you have reached that level of Android gaming.

A Compact Device.

If you are someone who likes to take their mobile gaming experience a little more seriously, then the Moto Gamepad, the compact device is totally for you. The Moto Gamepad offers better control and precision movement. All this is possible with its tactile physical buttons and control sticks. The Moto Z2 Force can simply slide into it and maintain a connection. It won’t even require additional cables. This is because of its pogo pins that are located on its rear. The unit also has a 1,035 mAh battery. It can provide up to eight hours additional charge to the phone.

Moto Mods.

Along with the announcement of the Moto Z2 Force, the firm also revealed an entire line of new Moto Mods that would be available for the handset. Apart from the newly revealed Mods, the 360-degree camera and the Moto Gamepad are the most interesting.

On Sale In August.

The gamepad controller for Motorola’s Moto Z is going on sale August 25th for $79.99. That seems pretty expensive. But for those who have been waiting for the snap-on accessory, will unfortunately have only one place to get it. That is the Verizon Wireless.