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Mophie Power Capsule – Now Charge Your Wireless Headphones On The Go

Mophie Power Capsule

If you are someone who uses wireless earbuds, you very well know the problem of losing them easily because of its size. Mophie has got a solution to this problem in the form of its Power Capsule. Mophie has launched a number of charging accessories for phones but hadn’t really offered anything for headphones. But it fills the gap with its new Power Capsule. The company has just launched a headphone charger and has named it the ‘Power Capsule’, which is tailored to charge wireless headphones and fitness trackers.

What is Mophie Power Capsule?

The launch of Mophie Power Capsule is perfectly timed, considering Apple’s move to lightning-connected headphones in the iPhone 7 and the growing acceptance of wireless solutions. The Power Capsule acts as a protector for your device and also charges the same with its own battery. It’s actually a case for your headphones with a battery inside.

In this Power Capsule, you can carry your in-ear headphones, or your fitness tracker, or any other wearable and keep it charged while you are on the go. There is adequate charging packed into a small, protective case that fits into any gym back, pack, or purse.

Interesting Features of Mophie Power Capsule

  1. USB Charging Port : You can connect your wireless earbuds or wearables for an extra charge using the micro USB cable, so that you can be sure that your devices are sufficiently charged whenever you need them.
  2. High-Output charging : This case works with a power output of 1.0A which helps in charging your wireless earbuds, wearables or small devices quickly. Once your device is fully charged, an automatic shut-off will engage to ensure maximum charges.
  3. Priority+ Charging : As a Priority+ Charging device, Power Capsule allows you to keep the earbuds inside the case, while the case is being charged. When the case is being plugged into a power outlet and there’s a device being charged inside, Priority+ Charging focuses on recharging the device first, then the power capsule second. This way, when you plug the capsule in, the device in the capsule charges first and the capsule later.
  4. Durable & Compact : There is adequate charging packed into a small, protective case that fits into any gym. The durable outer shell provides your device protection against drops and falls while the soft, fabric interior keeps your device free from any scratches. Even if you drop it, you need not worry, your device will stay safe from any kind of damage in the capsule.
  5. Compatibility : This case is easily compatible with devices like BEats by Dr. Dre powerbeats 2, Fitbit Flex, Apple Watch, iFrogz in-ear wireless, Jaybird, Monster iSport, Flexion, JBL in-ear wireless.
  6. Battery Life : Power Capsule has got a 1400mAh battery which gives up to 60+ hours of wireless headphone charging and 55+ days of fitness tracker charging.
  7. LED Power Indicator : On the bottom of the capsule is a series of LED lights that indicate where the current charge is and when users should begin charging it.
  8. Design : The case is built from a high quality EVA Foam and high quality silicone. Power Capsule is like a quick fix for those with active lifestyles who are always on-the-go. It is specifically built for those on the move, in order to keep their accessories protected.

Price and Availability

The Mophie Power Capsule comes in black colour and comes with a 2 year warranty. The device is available right now on the company’s website for $39.95 and was launched in retail stores on 18th September.


Considering the Power Capsule acts as both a case and a charging dock for your wireless devices, it is actually worth the price. This compact Power Capsule is a perfect solution for those who are always on-the-go.