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Moonraker Speakers: Elegant Speakers With Pristine Sound

Moonraker Speakers

The Moonraker wireless speaker system is a sophisticated package delivering fresh sound. Moonraker’s minimalist design compliments your aesthetic without compromising sound quality. The Bossa Sound Moonraker Speakers are each hand assembled in California. They make use of components that are collected from local areas in their crafting. These locally grown parts are used in great proportions. Parts like legs, circuit boards and packaging materials are all manufactured locally. This is something which we all would like. It supplies pure sound quality in a highly sophisticated and modish package. The Moonraker wireless speaker system is unlike any other speakers on the market.

Handmade In California.

Moonraker is an homage to mid-century design. Every detail is functional and beautiful. It is executed with reverence for the modernist tradition. If you are passionate about design, don’t settle for uninspired speakers. Moonraker is handmade in California by skilled craftsmen. Honest, high-quality materials are used in every aspect of the manufacturing process.

Impeccable Sound Performance.

It might remind you of a Martian walker with its tripod design. But it’s made that way for sound acoustic reasons. Moonraker has a curved polymer shell. According to the company, it is designed to minimise resonances and diffraction from its 17cm woofer and 20mm tweeter. A real attention to detail is applied to the reducing of resonances with the Bossa Sound Moonraker Speakers. Also, for the radiation pattern of the design. This is responsible for providing such an impeccable sound performance in the finished product. The result is a loudspeaker with exceptional imaging qualities. The sound is lush and detailed. The Moonraker speakers bring you closer to the music.

Minimalist Design Aesthetic.

Good design means simple and intuitive controls. Moonraker gives you the control you need without the superfluous functions, which you anyway don’t require. The Moonraker has a minimalist design aesthetic. It superbly works alongside your interior design. It never compromises sound quality for visual superiority. The Moonraker Speakers mixes the best of both worlds. The audio system is perfect with an eye-catching design. It is clear inspired by designs from the era of 1930s. It is for those who are passionate about design. If you don’t wish to compromise when it comes to choosing the right speaker system.

A Curved Polymer Shell.

  1. Immersive sound requires a wide sound-stage. But all-in-one speakers can’t provide that. Moonraker includes two separate bi-amplified speakers. They bring you the best possible listening
  2. experience. It’s amazing to have an audio system as good as the Moonraker Speakers. But if it does not deliver the same quality, in the audio department, then it will all be for nothing. Moonraker
  3. has a curved polymer shell. The final product is a loudspeaker with spectacular imaging qualities.

Moonraker System Seamlessly Manages Working With Both Your Wired And Wireless Devices:

  1. Bluetooth with apt-X and AAC provides a high performance wireless connection to all portable devices.
  2. Wired Optical and Coaxial digital inputs. Easily work with televisions and other wired digital audio devices.
  3. Analog inputs connect to CD players, turntables (with integrated preamp) and other analog equipment.


Moonraker’s come in different variants. Black Walnut and White Ash finishes are the two options currently available. Reclaimed Teak variant is due later next month. A pair of Moonraker speakers is priced at $2400. But there’s no word on UK availability as yet.