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Moleskine Pen + Ellipse: A WiFi Connected Smart Pen

Moleskine Pen + Ellipse

Moleskine is well-known to many of us who are interested in solutions to bridge the gap between regular writing and the new digital writing mechanism. This is the same company which has earlier came up with its Smart Writing Set in 2016. It was a complete futuristic looking solution comprising of the pen, smart paper and an app all bundled for just $200. It just worked great to transfer anything you write and draw to your phone or tablet.

But it had the limitation of not being able to transfer the text or drawing when your smartphone or tablet is not nearby. The latest solution from the company Elipse finally liberates you from this limitation. This $180 Pen, Paper and app offers wifi connectivity and allows you to transfer anything written and drawn offline to your tablet or phone as soon as the devices become online.

Didn’t you think of taking some important note during the journey but always ended up postponing the idea thinking of pulling out the large device out of your pocket? This is a common experience of many of us. Fortunately, this instant writing and drawing tool will help us liberating our wishes to write and draw wherever we feel, without any constraint. As soon as we get in touch with WiFi or get connected the text and drawing get transported ditto on our smartphone or tablet. That is something really impressive that we have not come across earlier.

So, it is basically a smartpen with WiFi connectivity. That’s a fitting description, but it does miss a few attributes. After all, this Pen and writing set offers some nice tools for analogue writing as well. The Pen comes packed along with a smart planner notebook to use for drawing and writing. The company obviously curved out a place for introducing its proprietary smart writing tools in the market with the promise of a writing experience that you have not got with other smart pens and writing instruments released so far.

What is the best thing?

The best thing about the Moleskine’s new smart pen is obviously the ease of transferring your handwritten notes and drawings to the digital format on mobile or tablet screens. Whether you sketch, draw, make the design of things, create animation storyboards or just scribble few lines of text, all can be instantly transferred to a digital format with the WiFi-enabled Moleskine’s new smart pen.

After putting your idea on the paper, you do not need to scan or capture photos to upload them on your devices. This new addition to the Moleskine’s writing set allows you to transfer the same to WiFi on the connected Moleskine Notes app. This would help artists saving their creative works and seamlessly sharing them across web and social channels.

When you are drawing something or doing a sketch or just making a storyboard, each stroke or scribble will be captured in real time by the connected app. After capturing your inputs, you can further tweak them and edit them using Photoshop or other editing software.

How it works?

The Pen + Ellipse as the product has been named will only work on the compatible formats and layouts of paper. For instance, the typical format used Moleskine Paper Tablets or Moleskine’s Smart diary along with its dates will easily be transferred to your gadgets maintaining the same format and layout. The paper Notebook and fairy are provided with the Ncoded paper technology.

While the content of the paper notebook or diary is captured by the smart devices, it can easily be tweaked further on screen as per your visual needs and content requirements.


The Pen + Ellipse pen looks almost similar to the earlier Moleskine Classic Pen. The pen comes with the same soft rounded edges by taking the design clues from earlier Moleskine products and notebooks. The pen also offers a handy clip in case you want to clip it to your pocket or flap of the diary.

When it comes to specific specs, this smart pen comes loaded with the USB cable allowing you to recharge the pen, an ink refill and an XS Starter Journal from Volant. The entire set is accompanied by a free Moleskine Notes app that you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

Pricing and availability

The Pen + Ellipse flaunting a price tag of US$179 is already available for purchase from the Moleskine online store.

Something to note

This new Moleskine offering is just a big value addition to the earlier smart writing set launched by the company in 2016. The instant WiFi connectivity and real-time syncing of the contents are the distinct advantages of this new pen.