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Mod-t: The Most Elegant And User-Friendly 3D Printer Ever

3D printing is a rapidly growing market. The manufacturers are trying different ways to achieve new levels of expertise. The Mod-t printer can prove to be a revolutionary milestone in 3D. The Mod-t is the flagship product of New Matter. It is high in both elegance and performance. With Mod-t, you get two cartridge sizes by New Matter. There are also 13 different colors to choose from. Since this machine doesn’t require proprietary filament, shopping around for universal filament gives you the freedom to purchase more colors at prices that fit your budget.

About New Matter.

New Matter was founded in 2014. Its mission was to bring 3D printing to regular people. New Matter is definitely going to revolutionize the consumer 3D printing marketing. It plans to do this by providing the first and only affordable, fully integrated, end-to-end consumer 3D printing experience.

Elegant, Yet Simple.

It is a 3D printer that has a simple yet elegant working style. It provides the highest quality and reliability for use at home and in the classroom. Its levels of quiet operation, safety, and customer support are unmatched by any other desktop 3D printer. It is the perfect fit for consumers, professionals, and students alike.

Mod-t Features.

  1. Eco Friendly: It is prints with PLA. It is a consumer and eco-friendly material available in an array of colors.
  2. Designed for the home: The Mod-t has a clean and minimalist design. This makes it ideal for living spaces.
  3. Quiet & Safe: The clear cover on it protects your designs and reduces noise.
  4. Easy to use: The Mod-t printer is easy to use. It is perfect for DIY makers, families, educators, and many others.
  5. Wi-Fi Enabled: The Mod-t printer is wi-fi enabled. This allows you to select, customize and print wirelessly from your device.
  6. Affordable: It is one of the most competitively priced 3D printers on the market today.

Designed To Be Used In The Home.

The Mod-t is a low maintenance yet consistent 3D printer. The minimalist design of the 3D printer is pleasing to the eye. It is as beautiful as it is innovative. And features an ingeniously simple way to move the print bed that requires fewer parts than other 3D printers. It was designed to be used in the home. It was developed to work seamlessly with the New Matter Store.

The Verdict.

Low-cost filament and plentiful cartridges make the MOD-t even more cost effective over time. You can only print small PLA models with the It. ABS isn’t compatible. Also, the print capacity is slim. The MOD-t has features like Wi-Fi and a 0.1 millimeter print layer height for good 3D printing results. At $400 it’s not the cheapest 3D printer on the market. New Matter offers phone and live chat support.