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With It’s Mission Line, Endless has Entered the U.S. Market

Endless Mission Mini and Mission One

After years of building a program focused on delivering a premier computing experience to emerging markets, Endless, announced that it is coming to America with five different initiatives over 2017. The creator of the revolutionary Endless computer and operating system launched a new line of computers designed for American families, and a new coding initiative for young people and budding coders. The company is working with undisclosed manufacturers to produce computers with premium hardware and design, but won’t break the bank for you.

Mission Mini

Mission Mini

The Mission Mini is equipped with a 1.50 GHz, quad-core ARM Cortex A5 processor. It has 2GB of RAM, a 64GB solid-state hard drive, and the company’s proprietary operating system. Endless believes Mission Mini will be ideal for those who are just starting out with using a PC or for households that just want a single family computer. The Mission Mini is the baseline model featuring an ARM processor, comes pre-installed with a library of content and apps.

Mission One

Mission Mini

The Mission One is slightly more expensive than the Mission Mini. It packs an Intel Celeron N2807 1.58 GHz dual-core processor, Intel HD graphics card, 2GB of RAM, a 500GB hard drive, and Endless’ software. Mission One is powered by a 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron processor and a 500 GB hard drive.

Endless OS Includes Everything

Both Mission Mini and One run Endless OS. Endless OS has a familiar, intuitive interface that is as simple as a smartphone, so anyone can have a fully functional family computer within minutes. It allows users to lean forward to develop technical skills and acquire new knowledge or lean back to enjoy games, entertainment, and social media. This line of Endless is designed for and loved by both families and educators alike.

The rich educational content provided with Endless OS includes everything: a full encyclopedia, lectures on math, science, and languages. It also has fun educational games, and a lot of information on health, recipes, parenting, and a multitude of other interests.

Endless Code

The company has also announced the initial details of Endless Code. It is a new initiative that will transform the Endless ecosystem into the world’s most immersive, barrier-free platform for learning to code. Endless Code is launching later this year and it aims to make coding explorational and interactive by providing opportunities to dive into the heart of games and apps. It is built on the belief that kids learn best when they’re inspired and nudged into immersive worlds where they want to play.

Endless Code aims to generate a spirit of curiosity, remove fear and send people to the best resources possible. With the click of a button, apps rotate in 3D to reveal the code that powers them. With the help of character-based chatting, kids are introduced to a world of hackers and fantasy. Endless is partnering with and curating the best coding resources and development tools.

The Mission Family of Computers

The launch of the new Mission family of computers points a shift by Endless to more premium hardware, offering hand-crafted, meticulous design elements that raise the bar of aesthetic appeal for household electronics. Both come in a sleek and beautiful unibody chassis with elegant finishes in sustainably harvested bamboo.

Affordable Prices

The Endless Mission Mini is priced at $129 while Mission One will be retailed at $249. Both Mission Mini and One are available on Amazon and directly from the company.