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Misfit Specter – The Fitness Headphones are here!

Misfit Specter

Misfit is now opting to make products for a new category: headphones. The fitness tracker manufacturing company has now introduced some sleek and simple headphones that are classy in their own right with a pair of Bluetooth earbuds which are termed as Specter.

Being simple earbuds, they include three buttons that are placed few inches below the earbuds. The headphones hang asymmetrically with a Bluetooth radio, the accelerometer, and battery. The battery has 8- to 10-hour life on a single charge which is less since as a fitness tracker it would not even last throughout a day, compared to other fitness trackers that last a week.

Features Beyond the Headphones

Misfit Specter has inbuilt fitness tracking capabilities which can check general activity and even step count. All the other Misfit products can work for weeks at a time but with limited life of the battery, it is difficult to say how they can work well for users. Being low-profile earbuds, it is better off for users to have some other sleep tracker.

Misfit’s includes non-fitness functionality that can be accessed through the Misfit Link app. The Specter can utilize the customizable function button and use its hardware and the app to trigger different commands in other smart products including Philips Hue, Nest products, and Spotify.

The In-ear Headphones that is an all-round Fitness and Audio Device

Misfit Specter

Wearables maker Misfit is now owned by Fossil, has developed a flagship fitness tracker with its in-ear wireless headphones called Misfit Specter that is actually a “smart hearable” product and a fitness monitor.

  • It delivers tunes during workout, or bike rides.
  • It track activity during any activity and sleep.
  • It can monitor steps, calories, and distance connected to the Misfit Link app.
  • One can control smart light bulbs with Misfit Specter.
  • One can advance slides during a presentation and control music playlists.
  • One can take a picture or selfie just by using the headphones.
  • One can call their own phone if it is misplaced.
  • It works seamlessly with Misfit Bolt, the smart bulb from the same company.
  • It features in-ear design with magnetic earbuds along with voice call microphone.
  • It is great for all-day wear and even for sleeping in to keep track of the overall sleep duration and quality.

Misfit is claiming that its headphones will have excellent acoustics owing to its partnership with 1More, a Chinese company that specializes in engineered audio devices and sounds. Misfit features dual driver technology with the Chinese company’s help. The company is endorsed by four-time Grammy winner Luca Bignardi. With the excellent acoustics, one can use Misfit for its deep bass and clear treble along with its distinctive noise isolation technology for better control over ambient noise.

The Spector headphones includes a small module that includes a built-in accelerometer. It can be attached to your clothing through which one can control and track activity with Misfit’s mobile app over Bluetooth.

Pricing and Launch of Misfit Specter

With the new idea of integrating Misfit’s health-tracking technology with headphones,  the company has made the wearable pose as a wristband or necklace. These headphones can be used daily during workouts. They are a passive way for encroaching the wearable space who do not want to be troubled by regular fitness accessories on a routine basis.

The Misfit Specter is expected to be available this spring, with a pricing of just under $200. Specter is aligned with the Misfit Link thus making it a great connector to IoT services and internet offerings in the form of varied apps, and hardware.