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Misfit Flash Link – Fitness Tracker, Sleep Analyzer and a Remote Control Rolled into One!

Misfit Flash Link

The smartphone industry has made life easier for people, enabling them to perform a variety of tasks with the help of contemporary apps. Fitness is one such avenue which has changed the way the world stays healthy, with many fitness trackers and apps being launched day in and day out.

The Misfit Flash Link

The Misfit Flash Link is a sporty fitness tracker that enables people to track their fitness levels and analyze their sleep patterns. Available in 4 trendy colors, the Misfit Flash Link allows users to set a daily activity goal and sheds light on how active they are. It also motivates people to stay fit in order to reach their daily goal. The Misfit Flash Link not only tracks fitness levels while running but also during a variety of other activities.

How does it Work?

It captures fitness related data and converts them into easy-to-understand charts. Users can view various metrics such as steps taken, calories burnt and distance traveled. I can also analyze sleep quality and sleep duration. Since it runs on a coin cell battery, there is no need for people to charge it.

Amazing Features

  • Water resistant up to 30m.
  • Up to 6 months battery life as It works on a coin cell battery.
  • The storage capacity of 30 days of data.
  • With Bluetooth Low Energy, synchronization with the Misfit Link App is a cakewalk.
  • In addition to steps, calories and distance, Misfit Flash Link can track fitness levels during tennis, soccer, swimming and more.
  • It provides deep insight into sleep data, tracking the number of hours and also analyzing sleep patterns.
  • Inbuilt LED lights enable the Misfit Flash Link to work as a sporty watch.
  • With Misfit Flash Link App, people can carry out a gamut of activities.

Extreme Comfort

The Misfit Flash Link is made from soft-touch plastic and polycarbonate material making it extremely comfortable to wear. It is highly durable and water-resistant, allowing people to wear the Misfit Flash Link even while swimming. It is in the form of a clasp, giving users the freedom to wear it wherever they want; it can be clasped on the wrist, waist, sleeve, shoes or even a keychain.

The Misfit Flash Link App

With the Misfit Link App, you can now control your world. Apart from tracking sleep and fitness patterns, the Misfit Link App allows users to perform a variety of tasks. With the click of one smart button on the phone, users now have the freedom to take a selfie, control music, advance slides on a presentation etc. It also gives the users the option to send a Yo message or trigger Harmony Hub Activity.

The Cheapest Fitness Tracker Ever

While a large number of fitness trackers are available in the market, what makes the Misfit Flash Link unique is its low price. With people having to shell out a large amount of money for other trackers, the Misfit Flash Link costs a meager $19.99. The product bundle includes the Flash Link, a clasp and a quick start guide that provides basic assistance to users. Currently, the Misfit Flash App is available only on iOS, enabling users to manage multiple Flash smart buttons and allot different tasks.

Let’s Wrap Up!

It is truly the outcome of innovation. Apart from performing basic tracking functions, the Misfit Link App can be transformed into a multi-function button that enables users to remote control their world. With its low price, it has proved that fitness wearables need not be expensive, thus opening new avenues for the fitness-tracking industry.