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Misfit Flare: A $60, Single LED Indicator Fitness Tracker

misfit flare

Misfit is known for providing interesting fitness trackers with a no-frills design. The company has plans to enter the smartwatch market later this year. But it has just announced its latest fitness tracker, the Misfit Flare. It can track your steps, distance, calories and sleep quality. You can program the touch-sensitive face to start and stop music or do a few other functions. Don’t expect any fancy call or message notifications, movement reminders or other frills. Misfit is introducing a bare-bones fitness tracker. With Flare, it is trying to bring the core tracking functionality to a much lower price.

A Single LED.

Misfit’s Flare is waterproof. Swimmers need to pay an extra $10 to unlock its pool tracking features. The reason is unknown. It comes with a 3-axis accelerometer, single white LED, Bluetooth 4.1 and a capacitive touch sensor. The latter can be programmed to activate your phone’s battery, play music or control household devices. A single LED indicator gives you a heads up during your workouts to let you know your progress. If the LED light flashes once, it indicates that you have completed 25% of your goal. But if the light flashes twice, it shows 50%, and so on.

Fits In Your Everyday Life.

Push yourself to stay on top of your fitness and health goals with Misfit’s sleekest and most effortless fitness and sleep tracker yet. Track light and restful sleep, steps taken, distance traveled, and calories burned. Log activities like soccer, yoga, swimming, and more. You can connect with friends via the Misfit App. You can do all this through the Link App. Flare is designed with your everyday style in mind. It fits effortlessly into your life and makes it easier for you to put your best foot forward and stay one step ahead at all times.

Battery Lasts Up To 4 Months.

Misfit Flare features a fully mounted aluminum case single LED light beneath a crystal face. Flare has an amazing battery life. The replaceable coin cell battery lasts up to 4 months. It is waterproof up to 50 meters so you can track your every move, day and night. That means better data and better insight to keep you inspired and going strong.

Bluetooth 4.1

3-axis accelerometer and magnetometer work in harmony to give you the most advanced activity and sleep tracking. Misfit Flare has enhanced Bluetooth 4.1 for fast and reliable wireless data transfer.

Sleep Tracking and Speedo.

The Sleep Smarter tracks sleep duration and quality and give you insight into how to sleep smarter. Control Your World Smart button functionality allows you to play music, take a selfie, do a presentation, and much more. Sync Flare wirelessly from your smartphone to keep your stats up-to-date. Misfit Flare can count swim laps. It can also track swim distance with the help of In-App Lap Counting Upgrade by Speedo, swim distance down to the meter, counts swim laps for 25- and 50-meter pools. It also counts down a set swim time.

The Misfit App.

Get the smartphone app to log and store information about your activity and sleep. It tracks steps, distance, calories, weight, food intake, and sleep quality and duration. The app presents your fitness and sleeps trends over time in form of daily, weekly, and monthly stats. It also connects you with active and engaged Misfit social community on Facebook. It easily syncs with Apple Health, MyFitnessPal etc. The new Misfit Flare sells for $59.99, which is an affordable price for an alluring product like this.