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Surface Dial – The Odd Puck is Way More Useful Than You Think

Surface Dial

In the recently held Windows 10 event on October 26, 2016, Microsoft revealed a bunch of innovative products. Surface Dial is one of those. Surface Dial is an accessory that can be used either on the display or on the desktop. Using the Surface Dial, you can have radial control of various menus.

Surface Dial allows rotation of objects, scrolling through documents or websites, or changing the volume. It allows functions like rotation, press and hold menus, and clicks. It also allows capacitive detection when you place it on the screen of Surface Studio. The Surface Dial looks like a silver hockey puck. The Dial can also be used off-screen, as a replacement for a mouse.

Dial has got a Puck-shaped Radial Design

Surface Dial is a tool for the creative process. The device is an innovative way to interact with technology and create things in the most natural and mesmerizing way. It is basically an accessory designed by Microsoft to give you more ways of communicating with the Surface devices. The Surface Dial is designed in a way to be your palette of colors for your Surface Studio.

Surface Dial measures up to 59mm in diameter and is 30mm high. The base is 4mm thick and is slightly smaller than the top. The device weighs 145g, along with the batteries. The Surface Dial works on a pair of AA batteries.

Making Things Simple for you

  1. Makes your work easy: It makes your everyday tasks simple and fun. With the help of Surface Dial, you can adjust the volume on your playlist, scroll through news articles, all this without touching your keyboard or mouse. You can also fly through your local city in Windows map.
  2. Partnering with Pen: It is easy to partner up Surface Dial with your Surface Pen. Using both these devices together you can unlock your creativity with access to shortcuts, controls, drawing tools etc.
  3. Using on screen: You can use this device directly on your screen. It lets you reimagine the way you design things. You can place Surface Dial directly on the screen and watch as a color picker or ruler magically appears on your digital drafting table.

What Devices Support Surface Dial?

The Surface Dial is compatible with a lot of Microsoft devices and not just the latest Surface Studio. It works with Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and Surface Studio.

Apps that Surface Dial Supports

Microsoft has shown some creative apps that are compatible with Surface Dial. It includes Sketchable, Mental Canvas Player, Drawboard PDF, Moho 12, StaffPad, Ink Replay, Groove Music, Plumbago and Bluebeam Revu.

While using Dial on the Maps application, spin the dial one way and the map zooms out, and if you tap the Dial and enable ‘Tilt’ function, it controls the map’s orientation.

Not Too Pricey

The Surface Dial comes in Magnesium color, priced at $100 and is currently available for pre-order. It will be available from November 10, 2016, in the U.S.


The Surface Dial simply sits on your desk or the screen and can move both clockwise and anti-clockwise. It makes the Surface Studio amazing to work with. Using this device, you can zoom in, change colors, and the size of the brush in an instant.

Using a keyboard or a control panel could be a task for artists while using the Surface Studio. But Surface Dial makes sure that the work is done without any hassle and gives a variety of options using which an artist can stay focused and create great things.