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Microsoft Secretly Launched It’s New Modern Keyboard With Fingerprint ID

Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID

Recently, Microsoft showcased a new “Modern Keyboard.” Apparently, this modern keyboard comes with an integrated fingerprint reader. You wouldn’t find the news making rounds in the keyboard market yet, as the company made the announcement secretly. This new Modern Keyboard is the successor to the Surface Keyboard. Both the keyboards look very identical. The only difference is that the new Microsoft Keyboard comes with a new fingerprint reader. Also, it has the ability to use a cable for a wired connection instead of wireless. These are probably the only changes.

Fingerprint Reader.

With this keyboard, Microsoft wanted to combine the Fingerprint reader into a keyboard. Microsoft wanted to integrate the fingerprint sensor in such a way that it would appear to be any other key on the keyboard. They iterated relentlessly to improve each layer. Microsoft wanted to make sure that these came together and offered a flawless typing experience. Microsoft wanted it to feel like any other key.

Thin And Strong.

The Fingerprint ID has an aluminum frame on the Microsoft Modern Keyboard. This key is of the highest quality. But it is also heavy and virtually indestructible. It has a low profile and a sleek design. This makes it an understated but graceful work device.

Flawless Experience.

The Microsoft Modern Keyboard has options when it comes to using it. The keyboard can be used either as a wireless/wired interface. This way it offers you with connection options. Also, the keyboard is made to be more appealing to commercial audiences. Here, Microsoft optimized the Bluetooth pairing experience. This will allow automatic pairing when you connect the cable at first OOBE.

Works Easily With All The OS.

The fingerprint reader has been integrated into the second Windows key on the right-hand side of the keyboard. This keyboard can be used to log into Windows 10 or websites using Windows Hello. The new Modern Keyboard easily works with Windows 10, MacOS, and the latest versions of Android.

Will Be Available Soon.

The Modern keyboard will be available very soon. It is priced at $129.99. Microsoft just recently debuted the Surface Keyboard for $99. So the announcement of the Modern Keyboard one is a surprisingly quick release. $129.99 is a lot to pay for a keyboard. But it is one of the best desktop keyboards on the market at the moment.

The new keyboard isn’t cheap. But a fingerprint sensor is an good solution for quickly logging into a computer. You don’t even have to worry about memorizing a password or code. Just tap the button and carry on with your work. It uses Microsoft’s Windows Hello technology. It is the same tech that allows some webcams to recognize a user’s face to unlock a computer. There are no press releases or other information on the device.