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Guitar Playing Made Easy with All New MI Guitar

MI Guitar

All new MI Guitar from Magic Instrument is an altogether different guitar that anyone ever played or heard someone playing. It is the guitar that you can just pick up and start playing instantly without any training in plucking the chords. It is a really magic experience for the music lovers and would-be guitarists. The fret board has been reinvented to allow anyone play songs in guitar or create original score even without any musical training.

Avoiding the Hardship of Learning to Play

You can see so many people giving up trying to don the skill of playing the guitar just because of the hardship in involves. Playing guitar is inexpressibly hard for many people but nevertheless, they love the instrument. When learning the strings may hurt your fingers, your guitar gushes out the only chaos of sounds to have nothing common with any song or tune. Thus, many people quit guitar playing at an early age. While so many kids take up the guitar at an early age only a handful of them really can play it and a very small number of them actually play well.

Is it Truly a Guitar?

Yes, it is a guitar but with some differences. Having technical help from Ammunition, the famous designer from San Francisco named Fan has developed this musical instrument that according to them will make playing music an easy affair for almost anyone including those not having any training in holding the instrument in their hands. Magic Instruments called it the MI Guitar which has six strings along with a fret board consisting of buttons. By pushing the buttons you can trigger recorded guitar notes.  As far as the sound is concerned, playing it through a quality speaker and audio path, you can really come out with impressive sounds for your audience.

MI Guitar – How it all Happened?

Designer Fan began his work on this magic instrument a few years ago. According to him, he came across the idea of such a guitar when he failed to learn to play the real guitar himself. Now with years of labor what the Magic Instrument has come up with almost reinvented the guitar for the music enthusiasts and learners all over the world. Each fret in the fretboard represents a key and each of the buttons represents a different chord.

Now if you compare the MI Guitar with a real guitar, it lacks the richness of sound quality. The only selling point is that one can pick up the guitar and begin playing instantly without requiring any lessons. As for look and feel MI Guitar gives a similar countenance compared to an actual guitar.  For playing, you still need to strum and you still need to move the fingers over the fingerboard.

Fun-filled, Simple and Sonorous Experience

It offers a fun filled quite rewarding experience for the would-be learners and enthusiasts who always wished to play a song with the instrument. The tradeoff point for the guitar is that it is incredibly simple to use. You have an accompanying app to guide you about the buttons when you need to push. The MI Guitar can play any score you tell it to play and the way you tell it to play. Naturally, there is a bit of a learning curve involved for the beginners but it can be done with just within hours if you follow the simple instructions. To take your favorite song and trying it with the strings by following the guidance provided by the accompanying app, it is very simple to don the instrument quickly. That is fairly the best thing about MI guitar.


Lastly, it must be admitted that it is not an instrument for real musicians. But even the real musicians can use the guitar for songwriting. Moreover, for producing a sleazy synthetic sound that one cannot produce with a real guitar, this instrument can prove to be useful. Obviously, if anyone wants to be a skilled guitarist this should be his choice instrument. But people who have a lighthearted interest in playing songs on a guitar and save a pleasant experience can find the instrument useful.

MI guitar is still going through the crowd-funding drive at Indiegogo is destined to arrive on the market for sale in 2017. It is available for pre-order on Indiegogo with a special price of $299. According to the designer behind the instrument, just as photography with cell phone eventually became mainstream such digital music instruments are also going to be popular and mainstream in the time to come.