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MetaSensor – Unveiling Sensor-1 to Define the Future


MetaSensor, a Silicon Valley-based enterprise has been developing intelligent IoT devices from quite some time now. With its latest offering, Sensor-1, the company has developed a military-grade, security system that is secured and effective in more ways than one.

The loss of personal and data security has now increased risk for individuals and even organizations and different companies are trying to bridge the gap in security. MetaSensor with its new innovation Sensor-1 along with the recently launched Aletha IoT Platform are pioneering advances for creating situational awareness and leveraging machine learning for delivering security to valued items.

Unlike other sensors, Sensor-1 is able to detect changes in linear motion while utilizing the 3-axis accelerometer and gyroscopic sensor. Placing Sensor-1 on gadgets that need protection alerts the user even if there is a slight disturbance or movement of the item.

The Secured Sensor Par-Excellence

Sensor-1 can be used as a single unit, or networked configuration for monitoring of broad objects and it can be even used to guide paths of travel in different complex environments especially there would be no GPS communication. It also sends warning signals if there is a potential jammer that might be restricting the signals or a strong spoofing attack.

Sensor-1 can be used at the office and the home, and even for travel. It can deliver updates any time a particular door is opened and notifies you immediately of the same. The miniature security system’s applications are enormous as it can be used for robotic swarm networking, machine tracking and even specific equipment in hospitals. One can use it to track shipping containers, and even to protect theft in museums and institutions such as banks and defence facilities.

Sensor-1 is powered off from a coin-cell battery, that can withstand a year in stealth mode which is incredible in itself. Also it has a 3M sticky pad for attaching to objects that you want to be secured, and there are other attachment concepts that might be used in the long run.

Hook it to the laptop or Bluetooth-enabled gadget and one can actually tap into a raw stream of data for use for any project that it might be required for.

Aletha an IoT platform for understanding Sensor-1

MetaSensor Aletha, is one IoT platform that can help users to visualize data based on Sensor-1 activities. It has strong predictive analytics capabilities that can warn all types of users of any suspicious activity, as it is also a brand-agnostic network of users’ multiple sensors and wearables.

Features of  Sensor-1 by MetaSensor

Sensor-1 boasts of some incredible capabilities that are sure to be used in multiple contexts and situations in the near future:

  • Proximity based auto-arming feature without the need to press buttons.
  • Color LEDs and siren-based communication with several custom patterns.
  • Alerts users when some important item is left behind accidentally.
  • Communicates with all smartphone devices and online.
  • Replaceable CR2032 battery, with 1+ year battery life.
  • API communication with multiple protocols and wireless networks support.
  • Any movement can trigger cameras, autonomous responses, and the like on the Aletha Platform.
  • IP67 waterproof sensor aligned with  ITAR regulations.
  • Downloadable 3D template for custom case printing and mounting solutions.

Priced at $79, Sensor-1 is manufactured in the US, and shipped in eco-friendly packages. The makers are currently in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign but have already succeeded in crossing the $10,000 goal. The price drops if it is bought in packs. The shipments are expected to be sent by October this year. Who knows, if you book it today, you might be the first ones to receive it.