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HALO and POP: Meizu’s Two New Headsets with Distinct Qualities

Meizu HALO and POP

Meizu, along with announcing their 15 series smartphone in China this week, also announced the launch of Meizu Halo and Pop. Both Halo and Pop are very different when it comes to their look and the way to use them. Both serve the same purpose that of a headphone for music or taking calls. But there are some basic differences in the both are designed to be used.

Combining light and sound

Let’s start by talking about Halo first which is a Bluetooth-enabled, in-ear headset. The highlight of this headset is the built-in laser light that is embedded in the cable of the headset and flashes along with the music beats. These are 360-degree delicate highlighting, arbitrary lines. Meizu Acoustics breaks the bondage of sounds in the past. It combines both light and sound to create a distinctive HALO headset. The rhythm is not just in your ears; the music will be visible now, thanks to the light.

Cable and design

The cable is combined and made up of optical fibres from US Corning Fibrance and laser sources from Osram, Germany. These ensure that the headphone cable is light, thin, elastic and flexible. It helps to bring a 360-degree high-definition uniform flash.

The sleek spherical body is full of curvature and the metal surface is delicate. Under the curve of beauty, soft, skin-friendly ear-hook and ear support high-quality silicone, so it is more comfortable and secure. When the music is lit, HALO will bring an average of 5 hours of flashing light. When the laser is turned-off, there is a 15-hour long life for you to listen quietly.

Controls using the app

The customized app for HALO can realise laser brightness adjustment, laser mode switching and other functions to explore more fun together. HALO comes with Qualcomm aptXTM lossless audio technology that delivers a CD-quality sound experience. The pure audio quality of HALO comes from the high-fidelity dynamic speaker, tri-band equalization, full sound quality. HALO offers side switch controls that can help you turn it on or off. There are three buttons to achieve playback control, volume adjustment, Bluetooth pairing and call capabilities.

POP wireless headset

While the Meizu HALO has cables, the Meizu POP is wireless Bluetooth headset. POP is Meizu’s first true wireless Bluetooth sports headset, dual wireless design. Get rid of the traditional headphone cable. It comes with store charging headset box that supports wireless charging.

Lighter than a coin

The ergonomic in-ear design is intimacy with the ear. It can be worn stably even during strenuous exercises such as running and fitness. The ear canopy and ear caps are available in a variety of sizes so that you can find the right one for your ears. Different ear cables are also stable. The unilateral body of the earphones only weighs 5.8 grams, which is lighter than a one-dollar coin. It is small, sleek and comfortable to wear. It is also easy to wear for a longer period of time.

Control using touch-type

Meizu POP uses a touch-type control method to prevent the ear from being subjected to excess pressure and reduce the impact noise of the button. By clicking, double-clicking, and long pressing, it can perform a variety of functions such as play pause, song switching, volume adjustment, answering/hanging/rejecting calls, and waking up voice assistant.

Charge using the box

The earphone box with integrated design for charging is used to realise the intelligent switching machine through magnetic induction. The headset is automatically removed when the headset is removed. The box is automatically shut down and charged. The boot is automatically connected to the paired device without waiting.

Stereo call listening

The Meizu POP implements binaural stereophonic conversation. The voice data is transmitted to the left and right earphones together. The call is clear and three-dimensional. The integrated microphone chamber seal structure is combined with the call noise reduction technology to reduce the background noise and weaken the echo.

Meizu POP has ultra-thin ultra-light and good rebound graphene diaphragm unit. The high-fidelity moving circle brings more than balanced three-frequency. It does this while optimizing the low frequency submarine. The front cavity of the earphone adopts a pressure balance design. This can effectively reduce the ear canal pressure and comfortably listen.

Amazing battery power

The POP headphone box adopts the Type-C charging interface. The headset can be continuously used for 3 hours at full power and provides 12 hours of electricity, 15 hours of extra time and easy use for one day.

Available in China from this month

Meizu is currently making only 10000 units of HALO and calling it Limited Edition, which costs 999 Yuan, while the Meizu POP is priced at 499 yuan. The wireless charging pad is sold separately at a price of 99 yuan. The Meizu headsets will start selling in China from 29th April.