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MEEM – Innovative Charger Cable with Automatic Backup

MEEM Charger Cable

Well, we forget to back up our phone often, right? And it is not always possible to remember this. But what happens if say, the device is stolen, damaged or a software crash just make your data vanish in the thin air? See, we know how taking device backup is necessary and still, we just forget to care enough about it. That is why the new and innovative Meem charger cable is viewed as a great solution to all your pains. This new cable product offers a really breakthrough solution to both charging and device backup. After a successful campaign at Kickstarter, the product began to be shipped from the last week.

A Breakthrough Concept

Obviously, we no longer use smartphones the way we used them until a few years ago. With the evolution of our handheld devices, our usage patterns also changed a lot changed a lot and we seldom plug in our devices to computers now for updating. Except computer hard drive cloud is another viable alternative to backup your device data. But until now most of us still are not quite flexible with Cloud and rather would prefer physical memory that can be accessible at any time. Meem, the new memory enabled charger cable exactly offers such a solution. Whenever you charge your device, it automatically takes a back-up of the device memory.

According to the claims made by the company, as the physical device, it is more secure than Cloud services. Furthermore, with a sleek and almost zero footprint design Meem is similar to any other charger cable in look, feel and portability. On top of that, the data remains password locked so that in the case of theft or loss your backed up data cannot be accessed by anyone.

How does MEEM work?


It works just as your regular phone charger with the sole difference of a Meem app that will take care of the backup process as soon as you plug in and enter the four digit password. Once you download the app, the charger in all subsequent times, will automatically get into action.

The first charging and backup may take a bit longer time all your device data needs to be backed-up. The company claims that in just 6 minutes the cable can take 6GB of device data which is similar to the standard capacity of USB cables.

The most important thing about Meem is that even when it slips into the wrong hands, all your device data will remain safe as anyone to plug in the cable in an unknown device needs to type the four digits secure password of yours. Actually, there will be no use of the cable without the password.

The Safe Way to Protect Device Data

We all sense the nightmarish condition after losing our phone, although many of us actually not experienced it. Well, apart from the sadness of losing the device we get concerned mostly for the device data consisting of our favorite photos, videos, text files and contact information. This is why this innovative cable charger seems so perfect a solution to protect our data.

Earlier you needed to approach the backup action as something stood apart from your normal course of action. Just because most of us do not have a habit of the plugin to the computers for a memory backup, we plan but actually miss doing it. Similarly, we consider taking backup in Cloud-based drives and services but something else distracts our focus and we miss it. With Meem it is different now, you do not need to decide and take backup. It will take on its own whenever you plug in the cable. All you need to do is simple charging and the backup happens automatically. More than anything else, that really seems to be a credible proposition for the product.

After having been successfully reached its crowdfunding target at Kickstarter, MEEM has just begun to hit the market and is being shipped from last week.