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Mcor ARKe – The World’s First Full-colour Desktop 3D Printer

Mcor ARKe

During CES 2016, Mcor revealed their innovative desktop 3D printing market, with the Mcor ARKe. This device brings full color 3D printing to any setting along with a sort of additive manufacturing that has never been seen in the market.

Filament-based 3D printers are now ruling the market and although SLA/DLP resin-based printers are trying to make their presence known, they are far behind in the competition. SLS powder-based printers are also trying to make an impression in this regard.

Introducing a 3D Printer to Realize a Creative Vision

With the Mcor Arke desktop 3D printer, one can easily create professional-quality 3D printed models that will also have photorealistic colours to add to its charisma. Here is a small printer that can realize ideas with colour that is high-definition, consistent and extremely unique. The printer can be used for several professional and consumer applications.

Mcor ARKe is the only printer that is approved by the ICC (International Colour Consortium) for its accurate colour reproduction than any 3D printer. The Mcor ARKe uses a technology which is not used until now. The technology is known as LOM or Laminated Object Manufacturing, wherein several layers of paper are cut and sliced into various shapes, and stacked together with glue.

The Mcor ARKe – The Inside Story!

Inside the ARKe, a paper spool is pulled to a full color inkjet head to print all the layered images to the paper. The cutting wheel then outlines the required shape and even cuts down extra parts as needed. Every layer is then pressed to the layers below, with a glue binder. The cutting and gluing process is allowing users to push in extra material as support material which can be easily done away with after the process is over. Mcor prints can even be post-processed with baths for better robustness and flexibility of the 3D structures.

Mcor ARKe

Being the leader in LOM paper 3D printing, Mcor has proved itself with 10 years of success in the industry. Their other printers had huge price tags that restricted its sales to the business world. ARKe is expensive at $5995 but it can be bought by a whole new set of customers unlike the $30,000 Iris. The ARKe also does not forsake quality and the spools of paper on the ARKe can drive better end resolution of the prints too.

The Specifications and the Features

  • The ARKe has Wifi and Ethernet for networked printing and even iOS and Android app support for monitoring prints.
  • The built-in touchscreen interface helps users to check on progress easily.
  • Features a build area of 240 mm x 205 mm x 125 mm.
  • Low cost, professional-class 3D printing with low running costs.
  • Share designs and monitor the printer with an iOS or Android smartphone app.
  • Mcor Orange software for Mac and Windows-based PCs helps in 3D printing with the gadget including loading, managing and monitoring of 3D prints.
  • Safe and eco-friendly 3D process with no harmful particle emissions or use of toxic chemicals.
  • Adaptive Build makes optimal usage of material with absolutely no wastage.
  • Photorealistic HD Colour is in the range of 4800 x 2400 DPI with use of Recyclable Parts/ Material.
  • Its power requirements is in the range of 350W and it can print formats including STL, OBJ, DAE, 3MF and the like.
  • The printer requires 8GB memory along with 100GB hard drive for storage and even a powerful 1GB graphics card.
  • It is compatible with 64bit Windows 7 to 10 along with Mac OS X Yosemite.

Mcor ARKe revolutionizes the use of 3D printing with its adaptive build and accurate colour reproduction. The invention is now pushing the needs of the market as well as its applications in a variety of uses.