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Security Reinvented with Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks

Master Lock

Smart locks for some time have become a new trend with the proliferation of connected reality in which mobile app plays the central role. Smart mobile connected door locks became staple elements of the home automation now. While these locks are increasingly complementing the emerging technologies in smart home automation they are adding value to home security and addressing the flaws related to traditional locks. Once again the question of security has been addressed with an innovative lock from Master lock. The all new Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlock is a connected lock to control, share and strengthen security through connected mobile app.

Master Lock, the company which earlier produced electronic and Bluetooth padlocks, this time, came with a smarter padlock that allows more flexibility for users. Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks offer total control of the door security right in the palm of your hand allowing optimum protection and ease of maintaining security. Whether unlocking the lock, sharing access with others, and keeping track of the activities concerning your lock, all can be done just through one simple smartphone app.

How does it work?

This smart padlock is controlled, accessed and monitored through a smartphone app. After buying the lock you need to download the connected app named as Master Lock Vault eLocks app. The app will let you create an account with the Master Lock Vault to enjoy access to the lock. Now through this account, you have full control over lock even when you are not around. You can share access with others by giving them digital keys and can monitor the access remotely.

When you need unlocking it physically, all you need to do is to come closer to the lock with a Bluetooth enabled phone. When the Bluetooth of the phone will let you establish a connection between the lock and the phone you need to provide proper authentications and then manually touch and disengage the lock. The lock has LED lights to show whether it has been locked or unlocked.

Smart Design of Master Lock Bluetooth Smart Padlocks

All the qualitative aspects of Master Lock is prominent through the solid design of this lock. It has a 2.2-inch wide steel body with a shackle of 0.34-inch diameter shackle. Furthermore, as per the claims of the company it has “anti-shim” technology which will literally make it impossible to pull out the shackle from the lock.

The lock comes with weatherproof cover allowing active protection from rain, snowfall, rustic damage and other weather borne damages. There is a small round click pad in the center of the lock with touch sensitive LED lights that blink in four different colors depending on the command and input.

Easy Control through Smartphones

The connected app provided by Master Lock offers a very functional, intuitive interface offering easy instructions to lock, unlock, share and monitor the actions. Just after registering with the app with a new account you can be confident enough in using this innovative security system. The clear and intuitive interface will make it easier to try the lock at once and ensure great results.

There is also a two-step unlock method with the app strengthening the security arrangements further. Just by tapping on the touchpad of the lock followed by a tap on the “unlock” button on your phone you can unlock it.

The entire lock system is carefully designed to offer optimum functional ease and avoided fancy elements in all respects. For instance, as soon as the padlock is locked, the entire screen of the smartphone app gets the blue hue and a bold message arrives saying that it has been locked. Similarly, when it is unlocked the screen turns green and the user gets a message that it is unlocked.

How much does it Cost?

This intuitively designed, easy to use and convenient lock system is offered in a variety of prices as per the features of the models. The standard “Speed dial” model will cost just US$7.99 while a 4400D Smart Padlock will cost $49.99 and the 4401DLH model will cost $59.99.