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Master & Dynamic’s MW50+ Comes with Interchangeable Earpads

Master & Dynamic MW50+

Master & Dynamic, the NYC-based premium audio company, launched MW50+ yesterday. It is a slightly updated version of their MW50. The MW50+ comes with a major twist in the company’s line-up. Master & Dynamic’s new MW50+ will let you swap between on-ear and over-ear styles in the same pair of headphones. Master & Dynamic has changed the headphone world.

Designed for decades of use

Since a few years, Master & Dynamic are not just giving out headphones with the best sound quality, but products that are great in design as well. The MW50+ is designed for decades of usage. The main highlight of the MW50+ is the interchangeable on and over-ear earpads. Along with that, it also provides best-in-class Bluetooth signal range which is 3 times the industry average, and 16 hour rechargeable battery with their warm and rich signature sound.

Premium design

The first interesting thing to notice about the MW50+ is the design. The headphones are very well-built. It has heavy grain premium cowhide on headband exterior surface and ear cup accents. It has soft lambskin on headband interior and earpads. You will be offered 2 sets of lambskin earpads one for the on-ear and the other for the over-ear. There is memory foam wrapped in lambskin, which provides you with superior comfort and breathability.

Magnetic ear cups

It is very easy to remove and replace the earcups. The ear cups are magnetic, so you will be required to pull them off and you’ll have to apply a bit of effort. The over-ear cups have natural and classy look. The over-ear cups are pretty sleek and stylish and it doesn’t matter which one you put on which side.

Overall comfort

The MW50+ has stainless steel rotating hinges and fold flats. There is stainless steel components in all high strain areas. The design of the headphones is such that it features plenty of metal and leather. There is just a little bit of plastic on the headphones, and that is also strong and well placed. The overall comfort of wearing the headphones will differ with the earcups. The on-ear ear cups offer above-average comfort while the over-ear ear cups are much better in providing comfort.

Great sound

The sound of the original Master & Dynamic MW50 is loved by everyone. The company has not changed anything at all in the sound department, which is a good thing. The MW50+ has a powerful and deep base. The mid-range is very well tuned with a warm tone. The high-end is pretty detailed and exciting. The sound quality that is offered by MW50+ is among the best among the consumer headphones.

The MW50+ features the same drivers and technology that was used in all the previous headphones. It has 40 mm Beryllium high-performance drivers. But you will notice that there is a little more clarity with the over-ear earcups. It also offers slightly better isolation too. It is mostly because of the shape of the earcups.

Amazing battery life

The MW50+ comes with 16 hours of battery life, so you can keep them on all day and you won’t need to worry about the juice running out. It is good considering the over-ear option of the headphones. The headphones can connect to a listening device through Bluetooth 4.1. It provides a listening range of 10 meters or 33 feet.

Choose according to your requirement

The MW50+ provides versatility and exceptional sound, thanks to the interchangeable earpads. You can choose an on-ear ear cup for rich, detailed and expansive sound on-the-go. Or you could go for the over-ear for full sound isolation for focus, productivity and relaxation.

Available already

In the box, along with the headphones and the two sets of ear cups you get a leather earpad case, canvas headphone pouch, USB-C charging cable, 1.25m standard 3.55mm cable, and a leather cable box. The headphones comes in the following colors: Silver Metal/ Black Leather, Silver Metal/ Brown Leather, and Black Metal/ Black Leather. The MW50+ are already available for order from Master and Dynamic for $399.