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MA770: Master & Dynamic’s Wireless Speaker with Top Notch Sound

Master & Dynamic MA770

While smarter speakers with a gamut of smart and intelligent features are continuing to come up without restraints, often the masterclass sound quality of traditional speakers that insisted on the built material goes missing. This is precisely where Master & Dynamic MA770, a latest innovative wireless speaker comes into the picture.

This uniquely designed speaker has resulted from the collaborative efforts of the Master & Dynamic corporation and famous architect Sir David Adjaye who has been the mastermind behind the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington DC.

It has achieved many feats with its built, design, components, output and features. It is the first speaker of its kind with a proprietary concrete composite material that besides delivering a sculpture like a form also delivers top-notch acoustic output compared to all those wood and plastic materials.

Design and connections

It has been built from the same material used to build concrete structures. Weighing 16kg in weight it requires a more stable and solid platform instead of the little side table or corner of the bookshelf. Offering a fusion of the sweeping curves and triangles, it looks awesomely simple and enigmatic in look and feels.

The protruding triangle at the back of the speaker accommodates the bass reflex port and two small input recesses meant for the optical, 3.5mm analogue and power jacks. There is also built-in Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac) and Bluetooth 4.1 connection available with the speaker.

The MA770 comes with a flat and rectangular front panel which remains protected with a magnetic stainless steel grille. Just beneath this grille, you have two 4-inch woven Kevlar woofers along with a 1.5-inch titanium tweeter. The mounted anodised aluminium buttons offer an old world feel to the speaker. The best thing is, the whole speakers maintain minimalist aesthetic with a robust built.

How to play it?

The MA770 is basically a speaker with inbuilt Chromecast, and this allows you streaming music from several compatible apps and deliver a multiroom sound output. It is also claimed to be the first speaker to stream music between two pairs using Chromecast technology.

You can setup the Wi-Fi with this speaker by using Google Home app. It detects the MA770 speaker almost instantly after providing your Wi-Fi password. The only downside is that the new MA770 doesn’t offer a physical remote. Naturally, you have two options for controlling it, either through your mobile device or by using the solid, front buttons.


The sound output really comes as solid as a rock gurgling out robust basslines and strong drums to fill the room with music. Literally, the two woofers dance and shake with the muscling sound as you see removing the grille. On the other hand, the vibration just doesn’t shake things thanks to the concrete based solid platform.

The sound output of MA770 while playing a variety of acoustic, jazz and classical tracks seems completely balanced, satisfactory and thoroughly grounded, just one can expect from very well built and well-engineered sound output from top-notch speakers.

Key features

Let us have a quick look at the key features and specs of this unique and awesomely built speaker that has so much to offer on every front.

Master & Dynamic MA770 is equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, and it runs Chromecast to connect to apps and stream music. It offers a proprietary concrete design with a 1.5-inch titanium tweeter and two 4-inch woven Kevlar woofers. The inbuilt Chromecast offers multiroom stereo output and pairing among two or several Master & Dynamic MA770 speakers.

Pricing and availability

With so much to offer ranging from the unique never-before concrete design to ear-boggling sound output, the new Master & Dynamic MA770 rightly deserves a price tag that puts it higher on the ladder with top speaker brands. The £1600.00 market price for such an innovative and high-quality speaker seems not to be too ambitious.

Master & Dynamic MA770 value proposition

It is quite obvious that the MA770 isn’t a speaker for buyers with a small budget. But in case you want a speaker choice with uncompromising sound output and unique as well as robust design and built quality, it comes as the ideal one. It really has all the p attributes for a top-notch speaker, and it is worth the price it comes tagged with.