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MamaRoo: The Ultimate Infant Seat


The MamaRoo comfort baby seat is all about soothing your babies to sleep or amusing her when the mom cannot be around. It offers five different motion settings and speed options to choose from. Moreover, it also comes with a variety of natural noise settings plug-in music playing options. The user moms can plug in their iPhone or MP3 player to play some soothing music for the baby. The seat reclining at different heights and angles can just imitate the comfortable movement moms make to make their babies sleep. Though responding to movement can be different for each baby, MamaRoo delivers an impressive choice of options and your baby is very likely to respond to one movement at least.

What It Comes Packed With?

It offers movements to the baby like their moms give them. From bouncing the seat up and down to swaying from side to side to smoothly making a boat like movements, it offers baby comforting movements just like parents do. Moreover, it comes packed with four built-in sound schemes and for more sound options you can always connect it to your MP3 player. The seat of the MamaRoo reclines to several different positions to allowing baby lying on the back, relaxing, sitting straight or just play. To add more ease, MamaRoo is completely Bluetooth enabled allowing you exercise more control over the motion, sound, speed and volume of the seat through your handheld device.

Do you want your bouncer to play a role in developing the geek in a newborn baby of yours? Well, you cannot have a better choice than MamaRoo. Those days are already left behind when baby bouncers only used to bounce for comforting little babies. The seat of the MamaRoo offers an array of movements including up and down, swaying and side to side movements much in the fashion real Moms make movements to offer comfort to their little ones held in their lap or hands. The five different modes of movements programmed into the seat respectively are car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye, and ocean. The seat is able to recline for sleeping baby or can be adjusted more upright for baby play. MamaRoo comes with LCD display to allow easy and smooth operation.

Key Specifications at a Glance

  • 5 movements such as car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave.
  • 5 different speeds
  • 4 in-built sound options to soothe child
  • Compatible with MP3 plug in to play baby’s favorite song
  • Bluetooth capable of allowing remote control of motion and sound from smartphone or any smart device
  • Overhead baby toy including removable toy balls for giving fun to the baby
  • Several soft, plush and washable fabric options for the seat
  • Adjustable seat for reclining, straight seating and baby play
  • AC adapter to charge the device
  • MamaRoo comes with dimensions like 19.5″L x 33″W x 25.5″H

Movements and fun modes to amuse and comfort baby

Comforting movements: The moms can choose from five different rocking motions such as car ride, kangaroo, tree swing, rock-a-bye and wave. Moreover, five speeds combining with these movements will make your choice more diverse.

Rock-a-bye: This movement deserves special attention as it allows playing one of the built-in relaxing sounds or playing the baby’s favorite song by plugging in an MP3 player. The sound and music can be controlled through a phone or smart device through Bluetooth connectivity.

Overhead joy for the baby: MamaRoo comes with a built-in toy with replaceable and removable toy balls to give more fun to your baby.
Comfort seat fabric: MamaRoo offers several removable seat fabric options, but all are soft, plush, comfortable and washable.

Final word

The essential idea behind MamaRoo is simple. It has been designed to imitate the mom’s movement in comforting baby hands free. While this has been expressly implemented it is also capable of stretching the comfort and fun options further by an ease of reclining and sitting, sound and music playing options and Bluetooth capability.

In spite of such feature packed proposition one must agree that MamaRoo Priced at $270 is a pricey option for the parents of newborns. But for parents who can afford a little extra for the comfort of their little one, this one comes as a real godsend. Any busy parents will be delighted in taking care of the baby’s comfort hands free. That is precisely why MamaRoo has become so massive a success.