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M3D Pro – World’s First Space Efficient Printer

M3D Pro

At CE Week 2016, a US-based manufacturer has launched the M3D Pro, a 3D printer leveraging their experience in the 3D printers manufacturing field. Taking consideration of customer feedback, following the successful release of the Micro, the M3D team has developed a competitively priced 3D printer.

It is an upgraded version of the Micro both in its appearance and its capabilities. It gives more reliable 3D printing experience through a quicker and larger setup. M3D is making the most space-efficient printer ever to hit the market.

What is the Product about?

The newest model optimizes the process of taking a 3D file to a 3D print for consumers and professionals alike. Whether it’s a customized print to add that finishing touch to a cosplay outfit, or everyday household goods. It maximizes the performance of the printer while also improving the overall printing experience through better consistency and reliability.

The new device is outfitted with a heated bed option, and a larger build volume, allowing objects up to 7.8” size to be printed. It is powered by world’s first dual ARM-core processors that have over 2 dozen different sensors to provide high performance printing, consistency, and reliability. In addition, the M3D Pro has a printing speed of 60 mm/s.

Its Working Pattern

The process includes multiple measurements of speed, filament usage, temperature, and power levels. Its most important feature is of sensory data that allows the M3D Pro to recover from power outages by saving information if power levels drop off.

They have designed the Pro to have all of the capabilities of a commercial printer at an affordable cost. The device accepts all standard G-code formats, making it compatible with just about every third-party 3D printing application. A stand-alone mode is a great function in this M3D Pro as it transfers print jobs from the software to an internal memory chip to continue the printing work without connecting it to a computer. It is different from other printers as it has a lot of cutting-edge features focused on reliability where its precision is engineered, giving you the ultimate creative process.

Why Choose M3D Pro?

Most 3D printers use expensive, strong, standard motors, to get successful prints. The Pro, on the other hand, uses lighter motors that are adequate for the job. Thus getting optimized results for maximum speeds per-print and saving costs. Non-printing speeds of 150 mm/s and providing print speeds of 80 mm/s this 3D printer has the potential to be far more reliable, with lowering cost plans.

Innovative Features

  • The heated glass surface automatically adjusts temperature, providing easy removal of printed objects.
  • It has an Embedded Recovery system that can help the system recover from print failure.
  • The standalone Mode will allow the print to continue without being tethered to a computer.
  • The dual-ARM processor system provides consistency and reliability.
  • Typically prints filament at 60mm/s, and travels at speeds up to 120 mm/s.
  • Accepts standard G-codes, making it compatible with most 3rd party applications.
  • The M3D Software is available on both Windows and Mac systems.
  • M3D Pro can print in any material carbon, wood, or metal-fill.

The Brain Behind M3D

As M3D is an innovation company, their team has spent around two years collecting feedback from their customers and researching about other printers to design their own product. They are constantly emphasizing the importance of embracing 3D printing and understanding its significance for the future of design.

Price & Availability

M3D Pro 3D printer is now available for pre-order from August 2016 at a special price of $500.  With a two-year warranty and a special mention about the new tutorial mode that is included in the software, M3D is making things easy and convenient as possible for its new clients in dealing with their Pro.


For people who are still wanting an affordable, unobtrusive printer, then M3D Pro is the best option as it is still very much a consumer desktop 3D printer. Hope to see a bright future, the company certainly has in store.