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Lyric Speaker – Incredible Lyrical Motion Graphics to Define Music of the Future

Lyric Speaker

SIX Inc., a Tokyo-based entertainment technology manufacturer has introduced a new product named Lyric Speaker that displays the lyrics of the song in beautiful motion graphics. It analyses the mood of the song, before giving you an enthralling experience with visualized lyrics.

When a song is played on the Lyric speaker through your mobile device, it connects to the cloud database and generates lyrics automatically and then displayed on the LCD screen. The data is played with algorithmic motion graphics and some more powerful visualizations for upbeat numbers.

Lyric Speaker – Defining Musical Digitization

With the rapid digitization of the music industry, the lyrics booklet that came with the cover sleeve is out of fashion. Therefore, the Lyric Speaker brings back the utility of a lyrics booklet with the help of technology and stunning visuals. The entire front of the speaker is used to showcase lyrics of the song being played.

Created on a platform to derive lyrics easily through Wi-Fi connection, the words are displayed in an infographic manner just like an inspirational Stanford commencement speech. Therefore, the brains behind the innovation have been awarded the 2015 SXSW Best Bootstrap company award.

Design at its Best

The frame of Lyric Speaker comes with two coaxial loudspeakers and two drawn cone speakers, that feature a dual passive radiator system boasting of 40-watts of total power output. The front design has a 22-inch transmissive LCD, along with Wi-Fi for streaming music from any audio sources.

The screen for the display is translucent, and the words appear on the liquid-crystal exterior in real-time as per the tempo of the song that is capable of producing high-resolution audio.

How does it work?

The Lyric speaker has the potential to pull lyrics from a cloud database and produce the written text. All the displayed lyrics are shown with the Font that is adjusted according to the genre of each song. The database currently has 120 million songs in its memory.

All the softer notes are displayed with gentle movements while the vigorous rock songs are reflected in more angular choices. The analysis is tracked by Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology that determine the mood and structure of each song.  Users are able to experience the feel of the music in a deeper sense thus enhancing the power of individual songs.

Lyric Sync Technology – The People Behind it

Lyric Technology is a creative subsidiary of SIX Inc. In its three-year duration term, it has won more than 30 prestigious awards and over 250 international advertising awards. It consists of a wide variety of creative work in advertising and branding commercial projects.

It was also the first Asian finalist in Entertainment and Content Technologies and won the Best Bootstrap Company. This company is keen on creating the next generation musical experience by combining the listening and sight experiences for its potential listeners.

Price & Availability

The Lyric speaker has been available for pre-order since June 2016 with deliveries in Japan set for September. It is available from Isetan department stores around the country. It is so far only available in Japan, with international availability slated in coming months.  The Lyric Speaker is available for $3,200 in its early packages. In the future, if we do see it in UK stores, it’s likely to be priced heavily.


With music and lyrics automatically playing in harmony via smartphone app, you can enjoy music while appreciating the poetry behind it, while also visualizing its genre. Thus Lyric Speaker is undoubtedly the champion speakers that will guarantee the best music listening experience in today’s times.