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Lynky: A Breakthrough Smart Home System


Amazon Echo Show priced very ambitiously at $229.99 has already created a stir in the market. Now as far as expectations and rumours go, Google is all set to come with its own device to take on the Amazon’s device, but we do not have the exact knowhow of when Google is going to unearth it. To fulfill this gap, a new startup brand came with a more affordable solution called Lynky.

The device combined with a 5-inch touchscreen, two powerful microphones with faraway connection capabilities and inbuilt Google Assistant just offer the most competitive package. It is more like a combination of Google Home, a small tablet and a smart home hub. To add to the versatility of use you can keep it on your desk or just mount on the wall.

Long-Waited Debut For A Truly Smart System

Considering the gap of expectations concerning a smart speaker system to compete with the Amazon Echo Show, the debut of Lynky is more like a fruition of a promise long awaited. Lynky just making its debut presence on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo on Tuesday allows using the device just like the smart speaker system of Google referred as the Google Home. Making use of the same virtual assistant app, it takes the ease of playing and listening music to the next level by adding a small but powerful screen. Adding a touchscreen to the voice assistant driven speaker system Lynky offers a powerful alternative to the one unleashed by Amazon.

The Absences That Plague Lynky

The only minus point that Lynky should concentrate further to make it even more useful is the addition of a camera. While the Amazon’s Echo Show allows you making video calls by combining the power of the camera, Lynky will give more focus to other capabilities such as smart home assistants and voice commands just because it lacks the capacity to allow video calls.

If you have considered it to be a nice alternative to the Google Home, you might not have understood another absentee feature with it. While with Google Home you can make voice calls, this device doesn’t allow you to do that. Though all the features of Google Home along with voice commands are provided, Google doesn’t allow making voice calls when using a third-party device.

The Value Proposition

Lynky can really perform as the smart home hub as it comes equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Zigbee built right inside. People who are fond of smart electrical devices that respond to commands via Wi-fi commands can find Lynky more useful. Many smart systems used at home like smart bulbs and smart locks are operated better with a specialised frequency like that of Zigbee. Lynky equipped with this frequency can just work as a mediator to control various home devices.

How Lynky Works?

As we have said, Lynky works like a smart hub to control an array of smart home devices. You can operate a wide spectrum of compatible gadgets and devices with the voice command through Google Assistant. Just on your touchscreen you can control all these connected devices and can set your preferred controls for each separate device with just simple touch as you do the same with mobile apps.

Apart from commanding and controlling various devices at your home through the Lynky touchscreen and voice commands, you can also enjoy more ease with various devices communicating with one another. For instance, the Lynky installed in the bedroom can control devices while another Lynky installed in the kitchen can have the same level of control over devices at home.

When unleashing the campaign at Indiegogo Lynky created and published a list of compatible smart home devices. Google Home assistant which works with it also allows controlling devices from the Google Home app. So, apart from controlling the devices directly through Lynky, you can also exercise control through Google Home app. It is presently working to make the working of the app and the device control more synergetic.

Available For Pre-Order

With an affordable preorder price of just $100, Lynky seems to be really a credible choice for the customers looking for a comprehensive speaker system with voice control and smart home assistant. Apart from most other smart home controls offered by this device, it underused the potential of its smart touchscreen. The screen apart from allowing video calling should facilitate using an array of apps that can add more value and usability to the device.