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Lumo Run, The First Of Its Kind Running Tracker

Lumo Run

Lumo Run is an innovative wearable device that works as your personal running coach. With a small sensor that can comfortably settle into your jogger suit or short can just help you perfecting your running and help you alleviating risks of injury just by providing valuable feedback through a connected mobile app. The company after its two previous successful wearable products like the posture-correcting Lumo Back and Lumo Lift has now come up with a standout wearable to perfect your running with Lumo Run.

Well, the device is pretty simple to use but the best thing about Lumo Run is it is cheaper than most other GPS running watches and is priced at an affordable $99. If you are looking for a good wearable for the runner, this one is a pretty impressive choice.

Simple And Beautiful Design

The makers of this tiny wearable gave it considerable thought in regard to design. For a rigorous physical activity like running one always needs smaller and less distracting device that can quickly fit the body posture without any difficulty. In that regard, Lumo Run is very small and just easily adjustable to fit inside a pair of shorts or leggings.

The amount of space taken by this tiny sensor is not more than the size of a thumb. The small compartment underneath beautifully hides the tiny charging port and there is a single LED notification light to help you see whether it’s run out of battery power. The grip is pretty strong and cannot fall off while running.

But there are certain things you need to remember while wearing Lumo Run. First of all, if you don’t wear it properly you won’t get the data which is the primary reason to use this wearable device. It should be clipped on the back of the lower garment just because only by being aligned with the spine movement one can get the most valuable data.

Made For Comfort And Optimum Ease

Lumo Rum sensor is designed for the comfort and optimum ease. It thoroughly sweats and waterproof and this means while running whether rainwater or sweat, nothing can stop the sensor performing as always. Obviously, this does not mean you can clean your shorts with the sensor clipped in. The sensor is extremely lightweight weighing just around 25gm.

Lumo Run App

If there is only down point with Lumo Run it is precisely the app’s accessibility through a smartphone that you have to carry along to get the data. But on the other hand, the app which is available at present only on the iOS has a very precise approach. The app offers you an interface to guide your running in a very streamlined manner. You have a menu to track your previous runs and screen for launching new runs as well. The app is at present only available on the iOS.

Lumo Run: How It Tracks Your Run And Make It Better

While real-time run tracking and coaching is still not developed to the satisfactory level, this app based real-time sensor proves useful for the fitness freaks and runners in countless ways. On the basis of data from previously logged sessions, the app gives you recommendations. For the first time, a company gives attention to your running and physical data before or after the running.

Battery life

With an innovative design, Lumo Run device has ensured hiding the micro USB charging slot in an inconspicuous manner. This eliminates the need for using any dock to keep with you most of the times. Besides the design point of view, this device offers awesome 20 hours of battery life for active run-tracking and 7 days of battery life while in standby mode. This means around 4 or 5 days morning running sessions can be taken care of by this sleek and beautifully designed tracker. If you are a short distance runner or just using this device to track your running during the morning, the battery life of the device is pretty well for your purpose.

To conclude, Lumo Run represents a value shift for running tracker devices. It offers an awesomely smaller and low footprint design to accommodate you while providing a pretty useful app to coach and track you running.