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Enjoy Unlimited and Full-Strength Wi-Fi across your Home with Luma Wi-Fi

Luma Wi-Fi

With technology progressing by leaps and bounds, the popularity of connected homes is increasing with people using more devices than ever. Old-fashioned, wired modems and wi-fi routers are passé now, giving way to modern, elegant looking ones that not only provide powerful Wi-Fi signals but also offer a gratifying user experience. We are covering one of its kind, Luma Wi-Fi today.

Introducing Luma Wi-Fi

Luma Wi-Fi is a surround Wi-Fi device with built-in hacker protection that automatically detects security issues and helps users fix them. Created by security experts Paul Judge and Mike Van Bruinisse, Luma Wi-Fi enables users to run all of their smart devices at all times and with elevated security. It offers a personalized, Wi-Fi network for everyone;

Luma Wi-Fi is a fast, home Internet solution with the ideal internet strength anywhere and everywhere in your house, perfect for safe and family-friendly Internet.

Surround Wi-Fi

Luma Wi-Fi incorporates a surround Wi-Fi technology that creates a wireless network with multiple access points that augments the Internet speed and puts an end to dead zones. Users can have multiple Luma Wi-Fi devices in their homes and enjoy unlimited and full signal strength at every nook and corner. While the first Luma Wi-Fi device will plug into the modem to offer Wi-Fi Internet access, the other Luma devices will wirelessly connect to the first Luma device to provide surround Wi-Fi. Typically, 3 Luma Wi-Fi devices are ideal for provide fast and reliable Wi-Fi throughout a typical home.

Track & Monitor Usage

Luma Wi-Fi has a user friendly app that enables users to control and customize which devices and users can have access to the network. Users can monitor device and network usage and track what each user is doing in in real time.  It also alerts on unknown devices trying to connect to the network, giving users the freedom to configure or block them.

Elevated Security for Children

Through the Luma app, parents can restrict access to the Wi-Fi network on their children’s devices. Additionally, parents can limit access to websites based on simple, easy-to-use rating system. Parents can allow or block specific websites and also pause children’s Internet access in addition to viewing their Internet activity through the app.

Stunning Design

While most modems of yesteryears incorporated a plain and boring design with flickering lights and numerous cables, Luma Wi-Fi possesses a stunning design. Being only 4.13 inches in height and 1.18 inches in width, Luma Wi-Fi is compact and can easily fit into any décor. Luma Wi-Fi has a LED tri-colour light ring at the center and possesses 4 ports on the back: power, 2GB Ethernet of WAN and LAN and a USB 2 port.

Top-Notch Specs

  • Wireless: IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Simultaneous dual band 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • Surround Wi-Fi enabled
  • Wi-Fi protected access (WPA/WPA2)

Available on Pre-Sale

Luma Wi-Fi is backed by investors and some of the top venture capitalist firms in the world. While the retail MRP for Luma Wi-Fi is $199 for 1 device and $499 for 3 devices, it is currently available on pre-sale for $99 and $249 for 1 device and 3 devices respectively and will be shipped in spring 2016. Luma Wi-Fi is available in 4 colours: silver, gold, orange and white.

The Perfect Home Network

Luma Wi-Fi is the fastest, simplest and most secure home network that’s equipped for the technology of today and tomorrow. With the rise in connected devices and connected homes, Luma Wi-Fi enables users to keep their devices connected to the Internet at all times, thus letting them stay up and running and offering a delightful user experience across devices.