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Loop – A Smart Frame with a Unique Design and Uncommon Features

Loop Digital Frame

Loop is a new digital photo frame that has managed to make a mark at CES 2016 with its retro look, and easy to use features. The device was announced by a startup called California Labs. It helps you stay better connected to your friends and family and cherish your memories with this new in-home display.

It Looks Like a ’50s Television

Loop smart frame has a design similar to a toaster. It has got two stainless steel knobs on the right side and a grill speaker on the left. The look and design of this device are in apposition with the modern day designs and patterns. It comes with a leather carrying strap on the back, which adds both functionality and elegance to the device.

The Loop digital photo frame is a bit heavier than a lot of other smart frames like the variants of Nixplay. But it is lighter than what it looks like. You can’t hang it on a wall, but it should look great on countertops, desks, or coffee tables. There is a camera on the front side of Loop that can be used for gesture controls and adjusting brightness.

Bright Display

It has got a 10-inch, 2048×1536 retina display. The photos and videos look crisp and vivid on the display. It automatically detects GoPro files when you plug an SD card into a slot on the back. Also, it can stream Dropcam footage.

Loop has got Uncommon Features for a Smart Frame

  1. Controls: It has a Browse knob on the side for you to quickly skip through photos and videos. It has also got a Channel knob that helps you flip through channels like a classic TV.
  2. Battery: The smart frame can run for a total of 4 hours on a full charge.
  3. SD Card Reader: This digital frame comes with a MicroSD card slot for you to directly transfer or watch pictures or videos.
  4. Light Dimming: The display automatically dims according to lights and shuts off when it detects that there is no one in the room.
  5. Storage: You can store up to 5,000 pictures or 75 minutes of video in Loop.
  6. Touch Sensitivity: Loop has got a touch-sensitive top surface and you can double tap the top of the Loop to add the photo to a Favorite channel.
  7. Gesture Control: It has a camera on the front to allow gesture controls, whenever you don’t feel like using the knobs.
  8. Connectivity: The Loop comes with both Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity to keep it connected to the network.
  9. Voice Control: Loop has got far-filled voice recognition, so you can use your voice to control Loop.
  10. YouTube: You can also use Loop to play your favorite videos on YouTube.
  11. Video Chatting: Using Loop, you can stay connected by video chat between two Loops or between a smartphone and a Loop.
  12. App: You can use a companion app for both iPhone and Android devices.

Already Available for Pre-order

The Loop will be available for pre-order now at a discount for $200 now. You can also order two for $180 each or three for $150 each. Loop is available in two colors: Arctic White and Navy Gray.

The Final Word

The Loop is said to integrate more smart home devices in the future. The features that Loop provides you with, are pretty uncommon on smart frames. The Loop Personal Display is a great device, with a sleek, retro TV-styled case, and unique features. It can prove to be a really strong competition in the smart frames market when it releases this summer.