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Logitech’s Spotlight – A Stylish Remote for Professional Presentations

Logitech Spotlight Presentation Remote

Presentations are an imperative thing in a corporate environment. A lot of times presentations are good but the presenter makes it boring. Here’s a device that will help you make your presentations alluring. Logitech just recently added a device to its business portfolio called the Spotlight. The spotlight is a presentation remote but it’s not your regular presentation remote.

Logitech’s Presentation Remote

Presentation remotes let you click back and forth between slides without keeping your hand on a mouse. Some others offer useful features like built-in laser pointers and even air mouse and trackball functionality. But since last few years, the category hasn’t shown any interesting advancements. But that’s where Logitech seized the opportunity. Logitech’s newest presentation remote is the most stylish and prosperous one we’ve seen to date and allows you to set custom commands, like scrolling through documents and volume control.

Minimalist Design with Advanced Functionality

Spotlight has got a simple yet striking design. It’s a rounded aluminum wand that measures 5.2 inches long and 1.2 inches wide. It has only three buttons on it: one is a large white Next button, and then two smaller Spotlight buttons the same color as the remote’s body. A flat rectangle of rubberized material on the underside helps ensure a firm grip on the otherwise smooth remote, without interrupting its contours. It comes with a wireless USB receiver fits in the bottom with a small rubber loop to easily pull it out.

Intelligent & Customized Features of Spotlight

  1. Intuitive Navigation: The Pointer highlights, magnifies, and controls the on-screen cursor. The Next button helps you navigate forward and customs control functions like gesture scrolling. While the Back button helps navigate backward.
  2. Operating Range: The Spotlight has an operating range of 30 meters or 100 feet.
  3. Compatibility: Spotlight has universal compatibility. You can use Spotlight on Windows and Mac platforms, and on PowerPoint, Keynote, PDF, Google, Slide, and Prezi presentations.
  4. Connectivity: Spotlight has dual connectivity which means you can plug and play Spotlight instantly on any compatible computer via USB receiver, or connect with low energy Bluetooth. Spotlight also keeps your computer connected and awake while you present.
  5. Charging: Get 3 hours of presenting after a 1-minute charge, or you can charge it fully in just 60 minutes. The device vibrates and the battery indicator glows red when it’s time to charge.
  6. Pointer System: Set your preferred pointer mode within the Logitech Presentation app. Use magnify to visually zoom on areas of focus. Use highlight to activate a circular vignette that leaves the surrounding area in shade.
  7. Custom Controls: Choose from a range of custom controls to suit each presentation. Use the app to configure Spotlight’s back button for blanking the screen, gesture-controlled scrolling, volume adjustment, and more.
  8. Time Management: Use the app to set an on-screen timer that begins as you click your first slide. You can also configure key timing milestones that send vibration alerts directly to Spotlight so you stay in command until your final slide.

Makes Presenting Fun

Highlight important notes on your presentation like never before with Spotlight’s advanced pointer system. You can easily choose your preferred mode to highlight the exact areas of focus or magnify them in pixel-perfect detail. You can use the on-screen cursor to play and pause videos, open links etc. There is no need to break your flow and go anywhere near a mouse or laptop. Spotlight helps you manage your time perfectly from your first until your final slide. You can set timed milestones within the app and receive vibration alerts directly to hand.

Comes at a Price

This Logitech’s Spotlight feels comfortable and natural in the hand and is a great device with a minimalist design. At $129.99, the Spotlight is twice as much as nearly every other presentation remote out there. It comes in three different colors: Gold, Slate, and Silver.