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Make Your Home Smarter with Logitech Pop Home Switch

Logitech Pop Home Switch

While the smart home is increasingly becoming a reality with the connected devices, for most such maneuvers a smartphone app is in the driver’s seat. You may find it interesting to switch on the light or set the alarm for a television program, but for all these and much more you need to open up the respective smartphone app. Every time digging inside the apps to get to the area where from you can control your gadgets, seems laborious and sometimes impractical, right?

Well, to put an end to this uneasiness and labor, Logitech has recently introduced its Pop Home Switch. With this switch placed wirelessly on the walls in various places of your home, you can exercise the same control over your smart home minus the labor of tweaking with the phone app every time. Compatible with an array of devices, designed absolutely clean and clutter free and priced quite affordably these switches are all set to take on the burgeoning smart home market.

The Thought of the Device

While most other connected apps and smart home solutions put an app in the central position of control and choice of options, Logitech basically with this minimalist hardware wished to simplify the experience. Each time when adding a new smart device manufactured by another brand, a new collection is added to the number of such apps you already have. So, making services attached to the smartphone is increasingly becoming an issue and actually deterring the proliferation of smart home solutions. This is why this new piece of hardware from Logitech seems to be so promising.

Simple and Clean Design

Pop Home Switch

The switch button is wireless and can be attached to any flat surface. Each switch runs on battery and being wireless can be used almost anywhere within your interior. From placing one just by the front door to mounting one by the drawing room sofa to sticking one beside your nightstand or allowing a switch to remain free for carrying from one from room to another room, these smart home control switches can be used anywhere in the way it suits you. These switches come in a variety of colors allowing denoting each switch with a respective purpose.

Setting up Logitech Pop Home Switch

There is hardly any interface involved in it and this makes it as simple as any other manual switch. Setting up Pop home switch is extremely simple as all you need to do is to go to the POP address in the connected app and create your favorite control recipe through simple drag and drop actions. For different commands, you need to press once, twice, or just press-and-hold to trigger the desired actions.

Functionality and Specs

Finally, it is the impressive range of features, functionalities, and specs that give these switches a never-before usability. POP Home Switch allows an array of home control actions like tweaking with lighting, music and turning on TV and many others simply by pushing button. You can add up to three custom commands with each switch when programming in the respective app. Let us have a look at the variety of features provided by this smart switch.

  • You can configure your home lights as per the ambiance required. For reading, watching movies or for dazzling party ambiance, the lights can deliver brightness, warmth, and color the way you want.
  • It is compatible with major light brands such a Philips Hue, Insteon, LIFX, or Lutron lights.
  • You can program POP to give vent to your favorite Sonos stations and favorite playlists.
  • The pop bridge can just be attached to any smooth wall outlet without involving any messy chord.
  • Your POP app can also scan for devices and allows creating multiple device recipes.
  • The battery is replaceable and is durable at least for five years if you use it in the home.

It is Affordably Priced

The biggest surprise for this smart home solution is obviously the affordable price. The switch is destined to hit the US market from this month includes a starter pack with two Pops and a hub costing only $99.99. Each additional Pop switches will cost $39.99.