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Logi BASE Charging stand with Smart Connector technology

Logitech BASE

Logitech has launched a new accessory in its kitty for the iPad Pro – a unique base charging- stand with smart connector technology. The stand supplies electricity to the device while also showcasing the iPad like art.

It will give a new charging experience for its users. It can be used to receive power, allowing a new way to charge the iPad Pro. This stand can dock the iPad Pro on any desk, kitchen table, or the night stand. It can be set in the kitchen to follow all favorite recipes, make a Face Time call from anywhere, listen to favorite morning tunes without having to touch the player, while enabling new levels of creativity and productivity.

Solid iPad Pro stand

The Logitech BASE is connected with the Apple Smart Connector found on both the iPad Pro models instead of the traditional Lightning connector. The stand is compatible with any device with the Apple Smart Connector such as iPad Pro 12.9 inch and iPad Pro 9.7 inch.

The stand has magnets in the charging cradle that perfectly align iPad Pro with the Smart Connector. It is made up of aluminum with a rubberized bottom so it doesn’t slide around giving excellent viewing angles.

This elegant add-on nicely boosts up the iPad Pro, by rendering charging efficiency. You just have to pop it on this well-crafted aluminum dock and the integrated magnets will suck it into place.

Smart design

Styled with distinctively features that are broad enough to safely hold the iPad Pro in place in landscape mode and even heavy enough to stay put when removed from the iPad, Logitech BASE is definitely solid and attractive. The unit’s points of contact are covered by a thin polycarbonate layer to prevent scratches. Around the back of the Base, there is a female Lightning port wherein one can plug in any standard Lightning cable. The hardware is fit enough for iPads and the only way to charge the iPad Pro is via the Smart Connector.

Technical specification

The Logitech Base has an input/output rating of 5.2 volts, 2.4 amps which takes an estimated 7 hours charging for the larger 12.9-inch iPad Pro while the smaller 9.7- inch iPad Pro takes about 5 hours to charge. The other remarkable feature is that it works with the Lightning cable and power adapter that one would already have with the iPads. The Smart Connector has a minimal profile that makes it effortless to place the iPad in the charging position.

Some future Additional features

With power-plus- data capabilities through Logitech Base, with the help of USB adapter and power plugged into the Base, users can quickly dock, charge and use accessories with the iPad Pro. There is room for improvement though since it would have been better to see Logitech offering adjustable viewing angles, along with simultaneous power and data transfer in the device.

Working process and its Price

In experience, it would not take much longer than routine chargers to charge up the iPad. Logitech BASE is angled in such a way that makes it perfect for watching movies. Many users will prefer its viewing angles over Smart Keyboard since it is even more upright than the Smart Cover. The BASE is priced at $99.99 and is available from Logitech and Apple for both the iPad Pro models. This is a luxury accessory which is certainly not for everyone. But still it’s nice to see the port being used and this is certainly one of the best docking solutions right now.