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Logitech Create – The First Third Party Keyboard for iPad Pro

Logitech Create Keyboard

With major announcements like the launch of iPhone 6s and 6 Plus, the all new Apple TV and the iPad Pro, Apple’s 2015 September event was a huge success. The event has managed to create ripples in the technology space, with everyone talking about the soon-to-be-released products and waiting anxiously for their release.

Introducing Logitech Create

While the Apple iPad Pro is sure to create a niche for itself in the market, Logitech has announced the launch of an accessory that complements the iPad Pro. Logitech Create is a new physical keyboard that will hook up with the iPad Pro through a smart connecter and will use iPad Pro’s battery to charge itself. This means that the keyboard itself will never need independent charging at all! With a keyboard to handle your typing smartly, iPad Pro has its first accessory ready since its launch.

Awesome Features

By working closely with Apple, Logitech has carefully crafted the Logitech Create and designed it such that it works seamlessly with the iPad Pro. Logitech Create incorporates a powerful design that is sure to augment user productivity. Additionally, with its sleek design, Logitech Create complements the class and sophistication of iPad Pro quite well, considering that Apple always had the best designed tech gadgets in the market.

  • While Apple has announced its own smart keyboard, Logitech Create is the 1st ever third party keyboard that is going to be launched for the iPad Pro.
  • Since it will draw power from the iPad Pro, it never needs charging.
  • iPad Pro’s smart connecter will automatically detect Logitech create, hence it does not require a Bluetooth function to hook.
  • Logitech Create directly uses the magnetic connection from the iPad Pro and hence does not need to be set up or configured.
  • The intuitive keyboard layout and full-size keys will enable Logitech Create to unleash the true potential of the iPad Pro.
  • Made from tightly woven premium fabric, Logitech Create can resist accidental bumps, scratches and spills.
  • While Logitech Create works as a smart keyboard, it also doubles up as an iPad Pro cover.

Launching Soon

Logitech Create is said to be launched in November 2015 in US and select countries in Europe and Asia, probably on the same day as the launch of the iPad Pro. As of now, Logitech Create is said to be priced at $169. However more details about pricing and the availability will be revealed on its launch day.

Our Verdict

While the iPad is a very convenient and user-friendly gadget due to the innumerable innovative features that it offers and its compact size, typing on a tablet has always been an issue. Logitech Create will function as a full-size keyboard for iOS 9, making the iPad Pro a powerhouse of productivity and creativity. By pairing Logitech Create with the iPad Pro, users can enjoy a hassle-free, world-class typing experience that is sure to result in utmost satisfaction.

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