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Logitech Crayon: An Apple Pencil Alternative at Half the Price

Logitech Crayon

Logitech has just officially announced a new stylus called Logitech Crayon stylus. Unlike cheap stylus options for iPad that are in sell online this one shares many of the trademark Apple Pencil technologies including palm rejection, detailed pixel accuracy and complete tilt support. All these are offered at a great affordable price of $49 against the expensive Apple Pencil which retails for $99. Undoubtedly, this new crayon stylus which has been built by Logitech with the cooperation from Apple will add immense value to the kids and their learning process.

Let us be clear about one thing. It is far from just a dumb capacitive stylus that we often see featured on Amazon for a price as low as $10. This product has been reportedly developed by Apple and Logitech together to offer a much cheaper stylus option while not missing out the remarkable range of features that Apple Pencil comes with.

This new Apple Pencil alternative will allow you drawing and writing ceaselessly on the iPad screen just as you do it with your pen on a piece of paper. It is exceptionally designed to prevent rolling off the desk and is built with great battery power capable to stay charged for as long as 8 hours at a stretch which is almost synonymous to a full school hour. That looks pretty impressive for a budget stylus like this.

The inspiration

This great iPad accessory has been the result of Apple’s long effort to gain ground among school students and thereby making iPad once again a hot product for students and learners. The company is hopeful that it will also make a competitive value proposition against the much lower priced Chromebook of Google.

The new Logitech Crayon pencil works with all major learner friendly apps like Apple Pages, Numbers, Keynote, and Microsoft Office as well. Besides, it allows students taking quick handwritten notes and doodling and drawing on illustrations and PDF documents whenever they wish.

The only downside for the all new Logitech Crayon is that it is not at all pressure sensitive, but the best part is you can use it on several other iPads besides the one supported by original Apple Pencil. It is a complete tool for kids and learners and not just a stylus for artists and illustrators alone. The Logitech Crayon takes charge through the Apple’s own Lightning cable that comes with the iPad charger.

A creative accessory for every student

Logitech Crayon is a truly versatile stylus that perfectly fits into the learning environment. Coming with pixel-precise Multi-Touch Retina display allows versatile and flexible ways to doodle, draw, write and mark on iPad screen.

Very precise and responsive

It just works like a regular pencil without any worry about the precision of your lines and things that you want to draw on iPad. Besides offering unmatched precision, it is also very responsive and fast-paced with almost nil percentage of the lag time.

Active palm rejection

While drawing or writing the kids can rest their palm on the screen easily. While using this pencil iPad supports active palm rejection to help students with their natural hand placement for various tasks. This allows students to focus on their creative tasks instead of worrying if their hand placement intervenes in between.

Precise line every time

It is a highly precision driven accessory to help drawing the line with precise thickness and fineness. All you need is to tilt the pencil a little for this. Logitech Crayon comes with a smart tip that can be adjusted dynamically by tilting to draw the line with different depth and weight just as we do with a regular pencil.

Designed to stay protected

The Logitech Crayon comes with a unique design with flat shaped sides to prevent it from rolling down. It is designed to stay where you have put it.

Tremendously kid-friendly

Kids are known for their naughty and curious habits of messing up with anything they find including their writing and drawing instruments. Keeping this thing in mind, Logitech Crayon has been designed to protect the key parts of the pencil resistant to regular wear and tears. The main parts of Logitech Crayon are replaceable and mostly pry-resistant.

Great battery life

Logitech Crayon offers as much as 8 hours of unperturbed battery life which is equal to almost a full school day with just a single charge. In case the student forgot to charge it in time there is charging boost to charge the pen sufficiently for 30 minutes of writing and drawing time.

Final Verdict

Logitech Crayon is truly one of its kind stylus pen that has been designed to fit student needs in modern learning environments. Most important of all, the users now can lay their hands on a very advanced digital pencil in the same league of Apple Pencil at a surprisingly affordable price.