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Lofree Four Seasons: Unique Keyboard with a Retro Style

Lofree Keyboard

In spite of everything around us going virtual or augmented with the digital world penetrating deep within the physical, we sometimes feel to be estranged from the mechanical and very physical perception of things that dominated our lives for the better part of the twentieth century. But still, we grope for style and design aesthetics in most of our gadgets. Still, it is the physical devices that help us connect the digital world. Lofree Four Seasons keyboard just arrived to satisfy your obsession with style and the look and feel. Flaunting a retro approach of going to the mechanical keyboard with a new twist in design, Lofree opened up the innovation with keyboard design.

Lofree is widely known as the first ever mechanical keyboard that comes very close to the typewriting machines in look and feels and with this new Four Seasons the company even took this obsession for retro look further ahead. By raising more than $700,000 with an Indiegogo campaign Lofree is already ready to launch the product.

What Four Seasons Brings To You?

After the initial success, Lofree now came with this second-generation keyboard with keycaps featuring mixed-color in four different variations to match your aspiration for seasonal style. The keyboard also comes with few helpful adjustments to key positions so that you can type faster and easier. These adjustments were conceived as per the feedback received from millions of users over the years. In many respects, it looks similar to the Apple keyboard while making a few keys larger and repositioning a few others.

Designed With Apple Users In Mind

It is true that the design of the new Four Seasons seems closer to the ones conceived by Apple keypad. It is designed expressly for Mac users in mind offering the same and identical keyboard layout just as an Apple device. Obviously, this is a shift from the design convention and layout of most keyboards in the market that flaunt mostly traditional keyboard design used for Windows PC.

It Is Not Just About Design Excellence

If you think that Lofree Four Season’s keyboard is only about exceptional ease if typing with a redesigned keyboard layout, you are undermining its significance with the twist of colors in keycaps and the very typewriter like physical keyboard interface. It caters to your nostalgia and love for those vintage typewriters with classic round keys. The best thing is you can easily switch your keyboard color scheme to give a new twist to its appearance whenever the old one seems boring.

Technically Equipped As Well

If you have a perception that this compact mechanical keyboard is all about exterior style and trendy design, you have underestimated its smart capacity as a highly equipped and feature-rich keyboard. The keyboard can be used both in wireless or wired mode can be connected to any device ranging from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. So, from pairing a tablet to a PC to a large screen smartphone, all can be done seamlessly.

A Quick Count of What It Is And What It Isn’t

If you want to conclude Lofree Four Seasons as a keyboard, these are the characteristics that describe it best.

  • It is a fully mechanical keyboard.
  • It is also a versatile wireless and wired keyboard.
  • It sports a layout common on all Apple keyboard.
  • It comes in four color combinations to help sporting new look.
  • Key caps are round and retro styled like a vintage typewriter key.
  • It is compatible with all kinds of devices and platforms including iOS, Mac, Android, and Windows.

Pricing and Availability

If you find the keyboard really interesting you can back the Indiegogo campaign for the Lofree Four Season’s keyboard. At present, the single keyboard is available for the backers at US$74 against a future market price of $101. You can also buy a pair of this keyboard for US$140 against the future market price destined to be somewhere around $190.

Final Verdict

Loffree a Four Seasons is a unique keyboard that besides flaunting an attractive retro style and colorful look and feel offers great connectivity features and compatibility for all kinds of computing as well as mobile devices. It adds a lot of flexibility, style and aesthetic charm to your typing actions.